Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday #12: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas

That’s right all you crazy mama elves! It’s that time again. Christmastime! “Oh you know Christmastime. You guys all been… you guys all been good and practicing real hard. Clarence, you been rehearsing real hard? So Santa bring you a new saxaphone! Everybody out there been good or what? Oh that’s not many, not many you guys are in trouble out here!” Whoa excuse me, I definitely got caught up in that Bruce Springsteen moment.

Christmas makes me a little loopy. Between the presents and Elf on the Shelf covert operations and the baking and songs and movies and decorations, I feel like I live at the North Pole from the end of Thanksgiving all the way until the big day. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. And I know you’ve got some amazing Holiday stories, recipes, crafts, and fun that we would love to see! Link them up below!

Just a friendly reminder: Please Do NOT link up posts that lead to linky parties or giveaways. Only original content should be linked up. These posts will be deleted and not eligible for Featured Favorites. This is a place to share ideas with other moms. Thanks so much!

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The Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday Linky Party is hosted/co-hosted by an amazing group of women who enjoy a break from the hectic rush of motherhood. Join us each week to link up your favorite posts that are parenting-related or family-friendly (DIY, crafts, recipes, tips, etc.). Your links will be shared on 9 blogs. That’s 9 times the publicity for your posts.
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Congratulations to Liz Nieman from Love and Marriage and a Baby Carriage.
She was selected as our Time Out Chair feature of the week! Her post “Ten Fun Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas” is full of delicious ideas that my kiddies would love all year round. Thanks for entering our Rafflecopter Liz, you get to take a seat in our Timeout Chair! Why not visit Liz’s blog now? Click on her picture to be taken to her site.

Here are our 3 Featured Favorites (This will be changing to the Timeout Chair next week). Click on their image to be taken to the site! Thanks ladies, your posts were awesome!

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