Let’s Go to the Movies… Party

Merry Blogmas and welcome to Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza. For the next few weeks, 12 blogs will be posting and linking up all things Christmas including recipes, DIY, crafts, and even a few health and fitness tips. At the end of each blog post will be links to the other 11 bloggers participating in the event. We will also be hosting a Twitter party, Linky party, and 2 HUGE giveaways: One on Friday December 5 and the other on Friday December 12.


The first giveaway will be a gift card “basket” totaling in $300 worth of gift cards for various places including Love Cooking Company, Wayfair, and Radio Shack! The giveaway will go live early TOMORROW MORNING. Check back for links and details.

You can check us out on Twitter. We will be using #merryblogmas!

You can also find all of our posts on Pinterest: 12 Days of Christmas 2014

One of my favorite things about Christmas is watching all of the Holiday movies. I live for Hallmark’s Christmas Movies and ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. My DVR is already loaded down with movies and tons are scheduled so I can binge watch them during my week of freedom when my classes are finished and the kids are still in school. Check out this year’s 25 Days of Christmas Schedule (the image is clickable and leads to the site):


A few years ago I had an idea that I’ve sort of been doing. In other words, I plan to follow through with the ideas and manage to halfway pull it off. The idea’s name is “Christmas Movie Parties.” With the help of Pinterest and blogging, I’m pretty sure that I am going to be able to actually plan and DO the themed parties this year.

Here’s how it works. I pick a day of the week, most of the time it’s Friday, and plan to watch a movie and have a little party for the family revolving around said movie using pins or just Lauren-imagined ideas. This year I am planning parties for The Grinch, Home Alone, The Polar Express, Elf, and White Christmas. I will give you the information for those parties later in the month and am planning blog posts full of ideas.

Today I am linking up ideas for one of my absolute favorite movies, Miracle on 34th Street.


Start the party off by gathering the kids and having them write letters to Santa.

*You can mail the letters to the “North Pole” and you will receive a postmarked “letter” back. The details are below:*

Pin: Letter to Santa

Website: USPS


While the kids are writing, you can work on gathering the food and decor and setting up the party. Here are some awesome “Santa-inspired” recipes:

Pin: North Pole Cupcakes

Website: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Pin: Santa Hat Party Mix

Website: Cookies and Cups

Pin: Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites

Website: Cooking Classy

Pin: Chile and Cheese Spirals

Website: Real Mom Kitchen

And a few party decorating ideas:

Pin: The North Pole

Website: Mid-Century Modern Remodel

Pin: Santa Solo Cups

Website: Homemaking Hacks

Pin: Letter Writing Station

Website: Bridgey Widgey

Christmas music playing in the background is a must. Also if you do this party early in the season, you can make a Santa countdown. I love the one linked below:

Pin: Santa Countdown

Website: Oopsey Daisy

After the letter writing, crafting, and food, everyone can snuggle up and watch whichever version of the movie you prefer. Or both. I love each of them in different ways.



Check back for more Christmas movie-themed parties throughout December.


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Do you have any awesome holiday movie ideas? Link up with Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday below and let us see how you creative mamas celebrate the holidays!


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