Handprint Crafts and Twin-made Ornaments

Merry Blogmas and welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza. For the next few weeks, 12 blogs will be posting and linking up all things Christmas including recipes, DIY, crafts, and even a few health and fitness tips. At the end of each blog post will be links to the other 11 bloggers participating in the event. We will also be hosting a Twitter party, Linky party, and 2 HUGE giveaways: One on Friday December 5 and the other on Friday December 12.


The first giveaway will be a gift card “basket” totaling in $300 worth of gift cards for various places including Love Cooking Company, Wayfair, and Radio Shack! The giveaway will go live early Friday morning. Check back for links and details.

You can check us out on Twitter. We will be using #merryblogmas!

You can also find all of our posts on Pinterest: 12 Days of Christmas 2014

As you all know, or are finding out now if you didn’t, I joined Pinterest mainly for craft/activity ideas for my twins especially for Christmas. We’ve made some really cute things over the years. Some of my favorites, no shock here, have been hand print/footprint crafts. Here are some that we’ve made so far. Under each one I’ve linked up the pins and websites that we used as inspiration.


Pin: Candy Cane Fingerprints

Website: Leapfrogs & Ladybugs



Pin: Mistletoes

Website: Discount Queens (I originally pinned a different pin, but the site was not found. This site works and has instructions/tips)


Pin: Hand Print Wreath

Website: Flickr: Third Coast Clay

Pin: Hand Print Tree

Website: Diapers and Dog Fur (Private Blog not accessible without permission)


This year, I’ve decided to add a Santa and Reindeer to the collection. I found the pins and websites below and can’t wait to do them! I will update with photos once they are complete.

Pin: Santa’s Sleigh

Website: Fun Hand Print Art

Pin: Hand Print Reindeer

Website: Let Kids Create

I’m going to use R’s foot for the sleigh, and the girls’ hands for the reindeer. R’s fingerprints will form Santa and I will paint on the extras: eyes, hat, noses, antlers, etc.

I’m using several canvases because it allows for future children. I’m sure it will be completely adorable!


We have been crafting and making ornaments for the trees for several years too. This year we made some cinnamon ornaments for our “homemade” Christmas tree in the kitchen using the recipe from the following pin and site:

Pin: Cinnamon Ornaments

Website: Katy Elliott


We added a little bit of glue (little bit as in all I had left in the bottle which wasn’t much) to help hold them together a little bit and took out the cloves simply because I didn’t have any in the spice cabinet. We made ours using Christmas shapes and will use twine to hang them. I used a straw to make the holes and am going to let them air dry for several days. I read in the comments on the site that they preserve better if air dried rather than drying them in a warm oven. We also halved* the recipe because I didn’t want to make as many. They smell amazing. I can’t wait to put them on the tree!


*I actually used 1 1/2 of the little individual containers of applesauce (like the ones for lunch boxes) and 3/4 cup of cinnamon. I would say maybe a teaspoon of glue was added*

And yes all three kids made them. I managed to forget to take a pic of B. In my defense, she went last and was getting pretty impatient haha.

If you would like a few more ideas for Holiday crafts, check out the other 11 Blogmas ladies. And don’t forget to join us tomorrow for Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blogmas Event!

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