Christmas Gift Ideas

Merry Blogmas and welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza. For the next few weeks, 12 blogs will be posting and linking up all things Christmas including recipes, DIY, crafts, and even a few health and fitness tips. At the end of each blog post will be links to the other 11 bloggers participating in the event. We will also be hosting a Twitter party, Linky party, and 2 HUGE giveaways: One on Friday December 5 and the other on Friday December 12.


The first giveaway will be a gift card “basket” totaling in $300 worth of gift cards for various places including Love Cooking Company, Wayfair, and Radio Shack! The giveaway will go live early Friday morning. Check back for links and details.

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If you’re like me, you have no idea what to get most of the people in your life. Notice that I said most. I am 1000% sure what I am getting my kids. They want/need everything in their little minds, so I have a plethora of things to choose from on their wish lists.

PicMonkey Collage

However, there are people like aunts or cousins or neighbors or the kids’ teachers that fall into the category of “I Don’t Know What The HECK To Buy For Them” or labeled with a huge ? Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to find some cute ideas for gifts and gift baskets. Here are my favorite pins (Click on the image to be taken to the site):

1. For the Little Old Lady Neighbor:


The idea is for Valentine’s Day but could easily be adapted for Christmas. Neighbor ladies or those sweet old women in church love homemade baked goods. Even if you aren’t a super baker or make bread from a box mix, remember that sometimes those who give will receive. And who bakes better than these ladies?

2. For your Coffee-Drinking Dad/Grandfather


They will love anything that shows off all of their offspring or grandchildren. Plus these are fun to make with the kids. I would suggest making sure the paint is permanent. Dad no longer has his coffee cup thanks to the dishwasher. Eh, I was a novice Pinterester back then. He will get plenty of homemade things.

3. For the 12 Days of Christmas Aficionados, Sorta


This is a gift for the people who really want to do the whole 12 days of gift giving thing for their spouse/”Sig O” but who can’t commit to purchasing livestock or renting a drum line performance. These are little gifts that your man will enjoy because he can eat or drink them. Can’t go wrong with that.

4. For that Couple you know


They’re your “couple” friends that you really only know as a unit. It’s best to get them something they can share and both enjoy. This site has great gift basket ideas that are relatively inexpensive but don’t look it at all.

5. For the Teacher you suck up to


You know you’re sucking up. She knows you’re sucking up. The other moms know you’re sucking up. They all bought a fruit basket or an ornament or even a nice card. You have to beat that. The teacher will love the gift and it will be a keepsake for years to come.

5 (Continued). … Especially if your kid is a bit of a butthole


You may want to go ahead a fork over the money on your PayPal for this one. If your kid is the “class entertainment” perhaps you should really impress the teacher with this adorable wall hanging. It can also be used year round which is important because when your kid is mooning the class or giving them his best fart-rendition of Jingle Bells, the teacher will need a constant reminder that his mom is THE BOMB. Dot. Com.

6. For the aunt who can cook


This is for the aunt who makes the best food at the family gatherings. She is always in need of extra cooking supplies because hers are running low frequently. Also the site has other gift-wrapping ideas.

7. For the aunt who can’t cook


And for the aunt who makes Jello. Give her some mixes and with some cookie cutters that she can’t screw up. It may be the gift that sits on the counter or in a cabinet until the expiration date on the cookie mix, but it looks really pretty. Plus her grandchildren can use the cookie cutters when they are playing with Play-Doh. This gift would also be lovely for the neighbor lady or the teacher.

8. For your “colorful” uncle


We all have one. He’s been drinking since 2 pm on the eve of Christmas Eve. He is having a good time and has the perfect man cave for his own decorations. I’m sure you could hit him up for the supplies too. Just tell him you are recycling for extra Christmas cash.

9. For your Christmas-loving mom/grandmother


Get the kids in on this one and she will adore the homemade ornaments. She will tear up every year as she unpacks them and puts them on her tree. And as she puts them away. And when she passes by them. And when she thinks about the grandbabies. And when she thinks about you. And when she sees a sad commercial on TV. Sweet little sentimental mama (I’m looking at you Stefnie).

10.  For winning Wife of the Year/Most Organized Wife Ever Award


This gift is not for the last minute shopper. This gift is super romantic and planned out. When you read this first line you think, “Gee what a cheapskate.” As you read down the explanation, you realize this gift will win you mega bonus points with the man. Special bonus points for doing things he will actually enjoy. Such a beautiful and original gift idea.

So there you have it, 10 gift ideas for the Holidays.

If you need a few more ideas, check out the other 11 Blogmas ladies. And don’t forget to join us tomorrow for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blogmas Event!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. oh my gosh–those chalk paint ornaments and the wrapped baked good for neighbors are SOOOOO cute!! I love how they wrapped the little baked goods! I love that!!


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