MT Tribe Showcase: Working Mom Magic

Today’s MT Tribe member is my name (and future initials when I’m married) twin Lauren from Working Mom Magic. This girl and blog has got it going on! She is a fabulous working mama (as you can tell from the title… duh ) who has tips on everything from fitness to parenting to her favorite wines to just about anything that can make you awesome! I adore this blog!

family picHere is a little about Lauren from her blog: ” I have spent the past 12 years working as a TV news producer. Currently, I’m the dayside executive producer at the ABC affiliate in Miami.  There’s plenty of reasons why I love my job… I get to do something different everyday, I meet tons of interesting people, and I am always learning about new things and products.
Between work and looking for fun things to do with the kids, I feel like I am constantly on the go! I am obsessed with my Kindle, good wine, and SLEEP! (something I never get enough of). I started this blog with the hopes of helping other working mommies and getting some help myself!”

You can read more about Lauren on her About Me Page


I loved Lauren’s post 10 Ways to Get Happy Right Now. January is kinda sorta maybe a miserable month. After all of the splendor of Christmas, all of the fun is gone and our houses (and bank accounts probably) are an empty shell of the fun that once was. I completely agree that we’ve got to start being happier in this bleakest of times of the year. Maybe then we would all keep our resolutions. You definitely need to read her post and put a smile on your face!

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