Getting it Together in 2015: The Mama

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Sometimes “getting your life together” is cleaning up your junk or balancing your checkbook. Sometimes it is organizing your linen closet or sweeping out your garage or weeding those bushes. And sometimes the work to be done is a little more internal. Sometimes it’s getting the “mama part” of your life together.

Now I’m not going to give you one of those spiels about how I suck at being a mommy and you suck at being a mommy and we all suck at being a mommy. Look ladies, our job is hard. Sure there are some mamas that do actually suck at parenting and we have to encounter the product of their laziness (ie: the brats with no shoes on running around terrorizing and begging for coins at Chuck E. Cheese while mama texts boyfriend of the month)… we know those mamas and those aren’t the mamas I’m talking to. I’m talking to the moms who actually are attentive and nurturing and care for their kids. The mamas who bust their butts trying to perfect a science project and chauffeur kids from ballet to soccer to piano lessons. The mamas who scrub toilets and give baths and cook meals and pack lunches and do their best even when their best isn’t enough. We need to stop being hard on ourselves and realize that we can’t do everything all of the time. We need our alone time and we need our time just to simply be.

Be the lap that holds a child.

Be the voice that reads the story.

Be the hands that maneuvers Barbie into her little pink corvette.

Be the kisser of cheeks.

Be the snuggle bug.

Be the 3rd or 4th or 5th player of Frozen Chutes and Ladders even when we get stuck being Kristoff and really want to be Elsa (I’m just sayin…)

Be the quarterback.

Be the song and dance leader.

Be the mommy.

We get so wrapped up in making their childhoods perfect by crafting and cooking and making sure that everything is age-appropriate, gender-neutral, not damaging to their health or brain, and preparing them for Kindergarten/College that we forget that they are just kids who want mommy to play with them.

I’m guilty of doing. This year I want to get it together and just “be.”

I don’t have a pin. I don’t have a website. Pinterest literally has a million of them from experts that aren’t me. I’m not giving you advice. I don’t have a secret trick to make you not yell. I don’t have the answer to your child’s temper tantrums. Honestly, I’m going to have days where I need to do other things besides give my kids undivided attention and that’s okay because they need to learn to occupy themselves and problem-solve on their own. I’m going to sit on the couch and catch up on my DVR’d shows or spend time wedding planning instead of playing dress up. I’m not going to commit to 30 minutes a day or 5 times a week. But I am going to listen to them and when they ask me to play, I’m not going to obsess about the one load of laundry that needs to be done or the seven dishes in the sink that need to be put in the dishwasher. I’m going to stop doing. I’m going to be.

And in those times you will create moments like this:


2 thoughts on “Getting it Together in 2015: The Mama

  1. So beautifully put, Lauren! We spend so much time being hard on ourselves but really as long as our children’s needs are being met and they are loved and we are finding time to just *be* with them, that’s all that really matters. And the video is absolutely adorable, your girls are so cute!


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