MT Tribe Showcase: Legendary Mama

Legendary Mama is the tribe member for this Featured Fan Friday for MT Tribe. Samantha is one mama that’s got it going on! Not only does she have flawless fashion tips and a clothing line, but also… get ready for this… 7 youngins! And she has the perfect balance to life as a mom and professional.

The Minors

Stories of life raising 7 kids from ages 8 months to 16 yrs old. I’m a SAHM with a clothing line and obsessed with fashion and makeup. I understand not all moms are interested in fashion and makeup so I blog about all of that over on My Legendary Style 


Samantha has also blogged over at The Indie Chicks about life and tips of a Career-Minded Mama. I love that she isn’t afraid to put herself first outside of the home from time to time. It is amazingly hard to balance work and mommyhood, and these tips are incredible. Such a great reminder that we are mommies but also hard-working women! Great post girl!

Check out her blogs and be sure to leave some social media love:








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