Getting it Together in 2015: Remodeling

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Last year around this time I was moving from one house to another and taking on some pretty impressive remodeling tasks if I do say so myself. We have so much more to do, and I feel like it probably will never get done. With a wedding coming up, I doubt we can afford or will have the time (or energy with all that wedding lovin 🙂 Sorry mama!) to take on any huge tasks this year. But I do have a few minor things planned as well as some outdoor redos for 2015.

Pinterest can definitely help a sister out when it comes to remodeling, but it can also make a woman feel completely inadequate. I do not own a circular saw. I have no idea how to paint without messing up the trim. I hear you telling me this is an easy pallet project, but 5 splinters and a sore index finger later, I’m not buying it. Our Pinterest feeds and boards are filled to the rim with all of these beautiful ideas, but unless you have a carpentry apprenticeship or interior design degree under your belt, the recreations turn out a little less spectacular.

But the beauty in DIY is just that Doing-It-Yourself. Sure my remodels may not be worthy of a repin, but they are certainly MY remodels. It may take me three times as long as a professional, but the feeling of accomplishment makes the project shine with pride.

This is how I feel about my DIY bathroom. Of course there are still many things about the bathroom that I still need to change. Sorry for the TMI, but every time I’m on the potty, I look around, not only at what needs to be changed, but at what I was able to do with my own two hands. Here are a few photos of my bathroom:

Before and After


A couple “behind-the-scenes” of the remodel



And a few “afters”



My kids think every picture I take is of them…




Crazy things!

Here are the pins I used for a little “pinspiration” for my bathroom remodel:

Pin: Color Scheme and Wainscoting

Website: Relax Decor

Pin: Paneled Wall Boards

Website: HomeGoods Blog


I also have a post about for Boat Cleat Toilet Paper Hanger. It is one of my favorite parts of the remodel. You can find out how to make one for your bathroom here.

As for a remodel this year, I am chomping at the bits to change up my back entryway. My house is plagued with bookbags and coats and hats and school shoes that find their way to every part of my house. We just simply do not have a good place to put all of the school stuff. I’m combining two pins I found for the remodel. I’m planning on hanging school pictures in frames above the hooks for their bookbags and adding the “bookcase bench” under the hooks with cloth bins for shoes and hats and gloves. I cannot wait to finish this project and share it with you! Here are the two pins I am using for inspiration:

Pin: Bookbag Hooks

Website: Little Daisy Mae (Site Access with Permission Only, but the pin shows the picture)

Pin: Bookcase Bench

Website: So You Think You’re Crafty

And I know that it will look amazing once finished. I’m hoping that this summer or before the start of next school year, I will have this project completed and my floor will be litter-free of school junk once more!

What projects do you have planned for 2015? Check out my Pinterest page for lots of ideas. Hope you are slowly getting it together this year. Check back this weekend for my plans for the outside of my house!


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