Getting It Together In 2015: The House

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I have a confession. My Christmas tree is still up. In fact all of my decorations are still up. I hate it. I love my decorations but they are wearing out their welcome. Plus I am ready for a fresh new year and when the remnants of the holidays are still hanging around it is nearly impossible to feel the newness of a new year. I will have them down soon, don’t worry. It’s a process kind of like packing up the car after a week at the beach. No one wants to do it and everybody moans and groans putting the stuff back in all of those little boxes and wrapping it up so it survives until next year, but once it is over and your floor isn’t messy with a million pine needles, you all feel so much better. Refreshed. Renewed. Ready to embark on the new journey of the year.

I posted my “Downtolutions” last week. Most of my resolutions are minor self-improvements that are mostly about me and making me feel better and more put together. However, when it comes to my house, I am already pretty good at keeping it together. I don’t like to clean but I like to have a clean house. Winter is by far the worst season for cleaning. Everyone just wants to sleep and cuddle, not get soaking wet scrubbing floors and washing dishes. I don’t want to vacuum, I want to be warm and cozy. So I admit the cleaning fairy in me slipped a little over Christmas break. I blame those dang decorations. Once the tree is down and things are put away, you better believe that I’m going back to my normal clean house routine.

So what’s my routine? I don’t really have a cleaning schedule per se, but I do try my best to follow a little guide to keeping the house clean. Nothing is worse than trying to clean a house that has just been piled up with dirty or clean laundry and dishes and unmade everything. My motto is that if you clean a little bit everyday, then when it comes time to do the “big cleaning” once a week, it will be easy peasy.

I used to be one of those mamas that waited to clean. I literally tried to do all of the laundry and cleaning in one weekend. I found myself spending all of Sunday night scrubbing floors and folding clothes and washing pots and pans. I would be rushed to watch Downton (if it was during those precious few months with new episodes) and staying up until midnight to make sure my house was clean enough for the babysitter. I hated Sunday evenings and would find my “yelling voice” when my toddlers didn’t want to jump on the cleaning bandwagon at 8 pm. Then I found the pin below and it changed my approach to cleaning my house:


Pin: 10 Habits for a Well-Run Home

Website: The Stressed Mom

If you clean up a little bit everyday and establish these habits in your home, not only will it instill responsibility in your children, but I’m convinced that everyone will be much happier. Have you ever noticed that a car magically seems to run better after a car wash? Or how much better you feel after a shower? The same things goes for your home. A clean home will make all of those living in it much more pleasant and feel safe and secure.

Confession 2. I’m doing pretty good with all of those habits except for the morning routine. I suck at mornings. I sound more like a drill sergeant than a loving parent. I read a sweet letter today that made me realize how much I really do suck at mornings. It reminded me that my little children are just that, little. And if I am rushed in the morning and they aren’t getting ready then it is my fault alone. True story. Parents we are responsible and we are to blame if our kids aren’t ready in the mornings and aren’t prepared for the school day. We, myself included, must have a routine in the morning that will get us and the littles out of the house with less tears (mine) and ready and prepared to face a day. Part of that is waking up early which sucks but is necessary. I found the perfect little pin below to help in establishing a morning routine. This mama knows how to get it together:


Pin: How to Establish a Morning Routine

Website: The Inspired Room

I am committed to making this change in my life to be a better mom and to run a smoother household. Wish me luck! It sounds easier at noon than at six in the am.

Check back this week for more ways to get your house together for the New Year!


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