It’s Twenty Fifteen Lovers!

Whooo that was a wonderful little break! I enjoyed laying around on the couch, wrapping presents, baking, celebrating, and watching Downton Abbey (yay it’s back from its hiatus as well… they really need to consider not waiting so long in between seasons. I’m not sure I can last without my drug TV show).

Now that the new year has arrived and it just so happens to be the year of my wedding… um yikes… I will probably only be posting a few times a week until after the nuptials and things have calmed down a bit. I’m so looking forward to 2015 but loved every moment of 2014. Here were a few highlights from last year:

I got engaged!


The girls and I moved into our new home (J and R’s home) which required some remodeling.


The girls danced in their first dance recital.


J and I took an adults only vacation to the beach!


We adopted some kittens from J’s papaw. They were named Rainbow Dash and Lebron James. Yeah I don’t get it either.


I started blogging and sewing. I made tons of new blogging friends through Merlot Twin Blogging Tribe!


The kiddles started school. R started kindergarten and the girls started preschool.


The 49ers beat the Cowboys… that’s all the good I can say about the 2014-15 season.


We celebrated our first Christmas in our home together.


It was an amazing year! Up next for 2015:

Walking down the aisle and changing my last name.

Girls will turn 5 and start kindergarten.

My sister will also be getting married.

And much, much more!

What can you expect of my blog in 2015? I really enjoyed the themed months and will definitely stick with that plan. I also am going to hit wedding planning/ideas pretty heavy around February and may need to take a blogcation in May haha! I am also going to focus more on the twins and life as a mom of multiples especially now that one of my friends is expecting times two! And you better bet that I’m going to be dedicating a post a week to Downton and how I plan on living life as an heiress of my own abbey. I’m thrilled for my year and can’t wait to share in all of the excitement!

Hope yall are ready for Twin Tested, Pin Approved 2015!


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