How the Grinch Stole Christmas Movie Party

PicMonkey Collage5

Up next for the movie parties is the How the Grinch Stole Christmas Movie Party.

Here are the links for the other Christmas Movie Parties:

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The Grinch Party

Elf Party

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Miracle on 34th Street Party

We actually already had our Grinch party this year and it was AWESOME! The kids had so much fun watching the movie and eating their Whoville Meals. I also found out that J apparently had never seen the Jim Carrey version of the movie. I’m not sure how that is possible. Like REALLY?!?! It’s the best!

Here is the menu that we prepared for the party:

PicMonkey Collage6

The Who Roast Beast is just a basic pot roast with carrots and onions and lots of seasoning.

Grinchy Mashed Potatoes are regular mashed potatoes with a green tint thanks to Sandy Pandy the Elf who turned our gallon of milk green with food coloring. **This doesn’t do anything to the potatoes. They were actually extremely tasty if I do say so myself!**


I made the Who Pudding by whipping up some instant vanilla pudding mixed with red and green sprinkles (I added them before the 5 minute chilling process) and topping the pudding with some whipped cream and more sprinkles. It was too simple but J and the girls licked their bowls clean.

Here is another pin and site for Who Pudding:

Pin: Who Pudding

Website: The pin leads to an image. The printable is from Seussville, but they no longer have the recipe up on their site.

The Grinch Punch idea is from a pin. The links are below. P.S. I tried to make the punch with milk and it’s disgusting. Do not try at home haha. And I of course used red sprinkles because my green sprinkles were not functioning… ugh.


Pin: Grinch Punch

Website: Stockpiling Moms

Here are a couple more Grinch-tastic ideas from Pinterest:

Pin: Grinch Cookies

Website: In Katrina’s Kitchen

Pin: Grinch Kabobs

Website: Raining Hot Coupons

This celebration was so much fun and the meal is very warm and hearty. So much so that we may or may not have made it through the movie and had to finish it the next day! Oh well. Check back tomorrow for more movie party ideas. Merry Christmas!



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