So Your Belly Won’t Jiggle Like A Bowful of Jelly

Merry Blogmas and welcome to Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza. Today is the next to last day. I’ve had a blast posting about Christmas and my family is super ready for the holidays and all of the excitement and fun that goes along with it. We’re not quite done yet. We still have a linky party tomorrow, so be sure to come back for your turn to link up all of your holiday posts.


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Today we are talking about my favorite thing: health and fitness. Umm…yeah right. I love playing sports and walking outside and stuff but I loathe having to do anything that would be under the category of “fitness.” And health foods. Eh… I like a salad and some fruit but I also have a sweet tooth. So let’s just say that I really love the food of the holidays.

The problem of the holidays isn’t so much the food itself but the amount of food. We have tons of parties. I mean the fact that I just heard J tell his papaw that we only ate one Thanksgiving meal this year is absurd. Why do we need to stuff ourselves silly with this delicious goodness from Halloween until New Years? I mean aside from it being delicious goodness I mean.

Now I’m nowhere near an expert or even an amateur at giving health and fitness advice, but I am going to give you a few practical tips to feel your best through the holidays.

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1) Eat a Little Bit

I don’t necessarily mean at the party. I mean eat a little bit BEFORE you go sit down to a huge meal. Have a snack while getting ready to keep yourself from overeating. You will still have plenty of good food but your portions will be smaller.

2) Ditch the Leftovers

This one is hard for me because I love snacking on the leftovers and cookies that Santa didn’t eat. Try not to keep a lot of extras around the house post-holidays. If you do end up with a bunch of snacks, take them to the work break room or share them with neighbors.

3) Eat Healthy on the Other Days

Don’t go pig out on non-party days. Do your best to provide healthy meals like salads or soups or grilled foods. This will make you feel better about indulging a little at the parties.

4) Shake it Off

If you don’t stick to your holiday diet, don’t sweat it or obsess about it. I’ve heard that people who are on strict diets often overeat because they focus so much on food. Enjoy your time and do your best but don’t beat yourself up if you stuff yourself with sausage balls or sneak an extra cookie while wrapping presents. Tis the season and as much as we hate to admit it, the food is a big part of the family holiday traditions.

5) Egg Nog, Hold the Rum

A biggie is to skip the alcohol or sugary drinks if possible. Drinking your calories can cause some serious poundage during the holidays and also I find that after a few I tend to eat more too. Plus drinking in front of your family members can be a little risque.

And if all else fails, work off those pounds with some good ol exercise. I plan on doing a little P90x3 yoga over my break (my last day was last Thursday and I don’t go back to work until January… the life of an adjunct). In my mind I will feel completely at one with the earth and all zen and junk. But if you visit my house you are more likely to see this:

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