MT Tribe Showcase: Linkouture

What better person to feature for the MT Tribe Friday Showcase than the jewelry expert herself, Bev from Linkouture. Bev blogs and designs the most beautiful jewelry for any occasion.


 Linkouture is about my adventures in running a handmade jewelry business. I share the challenges of running a small business while being a stay-at-home mom, share my love of all things handmade, with a sprinkle of food & recipes, DIY, and my travels. It is part lifestyle blog, parent parenting blog, part business blog. 


Bev’s most recent blog post 7 Ways Blogging is Like Breastfeeding combines her expertise in mommy-life and blogging. The post is honest and real and a must read for anyone who is considering blogging. Life as a blogger is a constant change and I have learned so much about myself in my quick journey. Bev pegs it completely in her post and gives helpful advice to bloggers just setting out on their quest. Her blog is such a wonderful mix of mommy wisdom and the business side of blogging and owning your own business.

Speaking of business, here is the link (click on the image) to Bev’s Linkouture Etsy shop. There are tons of gifts for all of the ladies in your life that are perfect for the holidays. Head on over and shop til you drop!


And while you’re shopping, give Bev some social media love!








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