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When I was in high school, the Junior Civitan club would participate in holiday house tours sponsored by the local ladies civitan clubs. Families in the community would open up their homes for tours to raise money. The homes were always so gorgeous decorated with dozens of trees and every corner so intricately detailed with greenery and ribbons and bows and little bobbles that only are found in houses that have accumulated decorations for years and years. The houses smelled of gingerbread and pine needles and felt so warm and cozy. I always dreamed of having a Christmas house like those beautiful homes.

Well since then I’ve realized that decorating isn’t an overnight process. Decorations are built up over time. Years of buying and creating and finding all of the little things to make your home feel so special for the holidays. I’ve got a long way to go before I have a “holiday house,” but this year I finally feel like my home is warm and cozy just like the ones from my high school days.

I’m not ready for a Civitan tour, but today I would like to take you on my very own virtual holiday tour of my home.

Let’s start with the living room:

Digital Camera

I wanted to keep the living room simple with family ornaments and special trinkets that mean something to all of us.

Digital Camera

The kitchen is decorated with mostly homemade things or “gingerbread” ornaments. All of the ornaments that the kids make at school go on the kitchen tree.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

The girls’ tree is very girly with pink and purple sparkly ornaments. I always let them decorate the tree themselves.

Digital Camera

R has a small silver tinsel tree with dark blue ornaments for the Dallas Cowboys. Because the tree is too small for lights, I topped his dressers with a string so that his room can glow as well.

Digital Camera

I still have inches of house that aren’t decorated haha. I want to add a Nativity. I only have a small kids Nativity set right now but would love an adult version. The beauty of Christmas is collecting things every year to pull out the boxes as reminder of Christmases in the past. Maybe one day I will have a fully decorated, chic holiday home, but for now I love all of my decorations and the love that is felt in every tree, ornament, and figurine that adorns my home.

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