MT Tribe Showcase: Beer and Gluesticks

Today’s MT Tribe member is Denise from Beer and Gluesticks. Denise is a mom of boys from St. Louis who blogs about adventures in her hometown.


Denise is a Midwestern mom with two boys (7 and 15), a dog and a husband who humors her need to collect craft supplies. She is a proud native of St. Louis, the beer capital of the world.


Denise has some amazing craft ideas for boys. Crafting with little men isn’t always easy because they are the miniature versions of their craft-loathing fathers most of the time. The blog takes crafting to a new level entertaining boy interests and making creating fun. I love Denise’s Bottlecap Magnets for Christmas. You don’t even have to be a Pinterest-pro for this craft. It’s super easy and the boys, and girls for that matter, will love them! Head on over for more ideas!

While you are there, show Denise some social media love:






Denise also has a second blog, STL Motherhood.


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