Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Soup and Salads, Fall Style

I am thankful for soup and salads. Sometimes I feel like food during the colder months is just so heavy. I love a good crisp salad or a warming hearty soup to make me feel like I’m not going to die from a sugar attack or fried food frenzy from all of the unhealthy foods that accompany winter weather. I have a few favorites on Pinterest that I want to share in a round-up with yall today. Hope you enjoy!

Each image in clickable and leads to the site, not the pin. You can find the pins on my November Pins Featured on TTPA board.

click map

Potato Soup Butternut Squash Salad Med Chicken Stew Harvest Cobb Salad Roasted Cauliflower Soup Apple Pecan Feta Salad Italian Chicken Veggie Soup Fall Harvest Salad



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