MT Tribe Showcase: Parenting Meltdowns

I’ve known today’s tribe member for a little while now since before our tribe days. I actually featured her in one of my very first Mommy Monday posts and have been following her blog ever since. Diana from Parenting Meltdowns is a mom who knows that raising kids can make you crazy, so you have to take time out for yourself.


My name is Diana Zee and I am a mother of three. I became a stay at home mom the day after I was laid off from my insurance job of seven years.  Being a mother was never part of my plans.  I was going to graduate with a business degree, work for a huge corporation that would pay me loads of money before starting my own business and traveling the world. I did achieve the first part but failed at the rest.  I’m so glad I did.  I am living a life that I never expected.  Even with the rip out my hair before gauging out my eyeballs moments that parenting sometimes comes with, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I set-up my website because I want to connect with other parents who like me, struggle with feelings of doubt and inadequacy. I blog about my everyday parenting moments the good, the bad and everything in between.  I try to find the humor in every situation. Sometimes I sprinkle in recipes and beauty tips.


Diana has amazing DIY recipes for skin care and beauty. One of my favorite posts is Ten Tips for Healthy Legs. You will love all of these tips to keep those legs looking amazing. Some of tips are exercises while others are smart ways to improve posture which in turn improve your circulation. You have to check them out!

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