Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Event Planning and Hosting Thanksgiving

I am thankful today for family events, especially our Thanksgivings. I’m a very traditional person. When I think about holidays, Norman Rockwell and old movies like White Christmas pop into my head. I want to have perfect holiday experiences and often drive myself and my family nuts trying to create them. I remember sitting in my kitchen, an hour late for a Christmas party, jabbing stalks of broccoli into a Styrofoam cone trying to make a fancy veggie tree I saw on Pinterest. Yet year after year, I embark on the holidays with schedules and crafts to try to bring a little of that vintage holiday magic to my home. I am not one to merely *ahem* half-ass holidays. I go all out. Don’t ask me why, I end up on the verge of a few minor nervous breakdowns. Christmas gets a little crazy, but don’t think I don’t apply the same amount of pressure to Thanksgiving. I bake more pies than are needed. I envision cozy pajama-footed kids watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and football in the yard on a crisp, blue-skied day. I dream of place settings and perfection. What I usually end up with is screaming kids and food all over my clothes and rushing around trying to get everything ready.

But this year is different. This year I’m setting out on a Clark Griswold-esque adventure of really making the holidays special and warm and loving and chaos free. I will dodge the flu-bullet. I will get shopping done early. I will be on time and prepared with exquisite goodies for all of the gatherings. I will finally host a party at my new house worthy of a blog post. I’m going to achieve holiday-party and hosting greatness that Norman himself would portray on canvas. This is what I see in my head:






Ok… I give up. Who am I kidding? Who looks that perfect while slaving away in the kitchen? I’m lucky if I have makeup on by turkey-eating time. We live in a real world of non-perfection, but that still doesn’t mean that we can’t be organized and prepared in order to host a pleasant and enjoyable holiday meal. I’ve linked up some pins and sites that I feel are super helpful and give excellent ideas and decor for your perfect Thanksgiving hosting experience:

Pin: Thanksgiving Serving Sizes

Website: Whole Foods Market

Pin: Thanksgiving Place Setting

Website: A Night Owl

Pin: Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

Website: Cook

Pin: 12 Tips for Staying Sane During Thanksgiving

Website: The Stir

So it’s a good thing I will only be helping and not hosting Thanksgiving. My mom still hosts so I’m pretty lucky. For all of you crazies out there who are hosting just remember, it’s only one day, and you can shove all of the junk in “that room” and close the door. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday no matter where and how you celebrate!

Do you have any hosting tips for Thanksgiving? Link them up with Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday below.


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