Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Love and Weddings

Today I am thankful for Love and Weddings. I’m getting married in a little less than 6 months at Holden Beach in North Carolina. It’s so very exciting but also very stressful. Planning a wedding may be one of the most complicated things ever. You have to buy dresses and attire for your wedding party, flowers, hire a photographer, caterer, baker, rent a venue… and about a billion other things. I just got a sample of wedding invitations. How in the heck is picking out an announcement of your nuptials so dang complicated! Sheesh! Not to mention all of the little details like napkins and cutlery and what color tablecloth to adorn the rented plastic tables that cost as much to rent as they do to buy. Phewwww! I need a minute.


Ok so wedding planning is hectic, we all know that. Luckily I’m getting married in a time of websites and blogs and Pinterest with ideas from women who are born pros at wedding planning. I am thankful to have wonderful family and friends who have given me so much support. Here are some tips, websites, and pins that I have used so far to help me plan my wedding:

PicMonkey Collage

I will start with the tips:

1) The Dress: My friend Lisa at Goofball Mommy told me in response to my question/call for advice about wedding dress shopping to never settle. She also suggested trying dresses that go against what your preconceived ideas of “your dress” are. Kind of like, you never know you like something until you try it. I’m very… how should I put this… “endowed” and had said forever that I WOULD NOT buy a strapless dress. Thanks to Lisa’s advice and my consultant and the help of one very supportive corset… I’m wearing a strapless dress that I’m in LOVE with. I seriously dream about this dress and can’t wait until it comes in so I can wear it again! I also said no train. Well guess what? Chooo flippin chooo (ok that was corny), I have a train. I didn’t settle and adore my dress and it fits and flatters me well.

2) Wedding Registry: Just yesterday, I began registering online and shamelessly piling my gift wishes sky high. A girl can dream can’t she? I was feeling a little ridiculous until my friend Cajun of Blooming in Bedlam gave a little insider “been there done that knowledge” that with some companies, like Crate and Barrel, things that are left on your registry are offered up post-wedding for a deep discount! So I totally see that roaster I will use once a year, if that year just so happens to be the year I learn to make a turkey, and that 72-piece Pyrex set in my future!

3) Turn Downs: And I don’t mean the fancy hotel services that make you feel all princessy. I mean the kind that make you feel like crap. The ones where you have to tell someone you’re NOT interested in what they have to offer. My sister Whitley quickly reminded me that sometimes a good ol hearty “No thank you” is perfectly fine. I did an “all call” for photographers and I just knew I was going to get a response from a local lady who isn’t the best photographer but has her own side business (don’t worry if I’ve contacted you or spoken to you at all about pictures… this isn’t about you… don’t want to offend any potential photographers who may read this haha). I talked to my sister about this person, and she said just tell her you aren’t interested. Luckily I haven’t gotten an offer and haven’t had to turn down anyone.

4) Go Local: This is more than just using local vendors (obviously). What I mean about going local is contact people you’ve known about helping out with your wedding. Tap into local resources. My mom’s friend planned her daughter’s Holden Beach wedding. I’m borrowing/buying wedding items that she is recycling. Not only is it cost-effective but it’s not wasteful. Several people I know from my town are trying to break out as photographers or cake decorators or makeup/hair stylists for weddings. Connecting with people who are local or from your hometown is a win-win for both of you.

Now for some websites:

1) Pinterest

A big duh here. Here are the links to my pin boards for my wedding (nautical/beach themed) and my sister’s wedding (fall-themed):

My Wedding

Wee’s Wedding


2) The Knot

If you have an idea for a wedding, you can find just about anything and everything to plan said wedding on the site. Use pins to put your ideas together, then plan away on the site. You can also create your own wedding website for free as a landing place for your guests. Plus you can pin things from the site storing all of your ideas on Pinterest. The site also has an extensive To-Do list for executing and planning every SINGLE MINUTE DETAIL.


3) David’s Bridal

It’s like the department store of dresses. You may not like the super-wedding dress chain, but I can guarantee it’s a good place to start if you need ideas on REALISTIC wedding dresses. Not all of us can afford to spend a small fortune on the big dress, and many of the dresses pinned on Pinterest either are incredibly expensive and only available in little boutiques in the deep corners of Soho or will never be made in a size that isn’t a single digit. DB’s has a ton of dresses available in-store and online and will help you on the path to your wedding dress find.


And now some pins! I’m going to link up some pins that are helpful for planning purposes only. If you want to see the rest of my pins, you can visit my boards.

Pin: Guest List Tips

Website: It’s a Bride’s Life

Pin: Ten Things You Must Ask Your Caterer

Website: The Excited Bride

Pin: Putting Together a Wedding Planning Notebook

Website: Just Lovely

Pin: 15 Websites Every Bride Should Use

Website: She Finds

I’m super blessed to be getting married and having a day full of love and happiness. My wish is that my day is organized and runs smoothly yet is laid-back and fun for all of my guests. I am thankful everyday for my groom and the love he gives me. I am thankful for sisters and a mom and friends who are helpful and supportive as I take on the treacherous task of wedding planning. I’m am loved, blessed, and very thankful.





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