Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Book of Thanks


I am thankful that I am blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family and have a wonderful meal. We’ve added a few and lost a few family members over the years. Papa, Deddy, Mama, Madison, Uncle Rodney, Aunt Jane, Grandma (my dad’s mom, not sure if she will make it or not, it’s sometimes a last minute decision), Jason, Brynley, Lyndsie, Ronnie, and I will all sit down to turkey and the fixins next Thursday. We’ll laugh and play and eat and watch football. My sister Whitley is spending Thanksgiving with her fiance Brandon’s family, but will join us next year. Thanksgivings aren’t the same without Nanny, but I will talk more about that later. Not really up for a cry fest at the moment haha.


Since we have so many shifts in attendance with the expanding family, I’ve decided to start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year called the Book of Thanks. I really hope that my family goes along with my idea. The basic concept is for each family member to record what they are thankful for that year and to take a family picture to paste in the book. Then the next year we can add to the book and past years’ posts can be read. It sounds wonderful if I can get everyone to pitch in!  I, of course, found the idea on Pinterest. The original links are below:

Pin: Book of Thanks

Website: Eighteen 25

Now the site uses some fancy book, but I don’t have the time or the money to go searching for the perfect book for my project. I decided to craft mine from cardboard and fabric handmade style!

Here is what you will need to construct the book:

2 pieces of cardboard (a little larger than the size of the paper; for the book covers)


3-hole punch

Plain white paper

Binding Ribbon or String

First, I cut the fabric in pieces large enough to cover the cardboard. I then hot glued the fabric to the cardboard, making it look nice and neat (almost folding it like a present but keeping the seams to the side instead of in the middle). Then I punched holes in both pieces of cardboard making sure they line up. I punched holes in the white paper as well and lined it up with the holes for the front and back cover. I looped some ribbon through the holes tying securely. There you have it, a makeshift Book of Thanks.

You can also make a book by stapling paper in between card stock or construction paper but it may not hold up as well. Or you can simply buy a journal with blank pages or create a scrapbook. There are infinite ways to create a Book of Thanks.


I’m eager to introduce the idea to the family! Here’s hoping they all join in! I know the women and the kids will at least… the women may have to write for the men who obviously need the women to do everything for them anyways.



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