Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Gravy Biscuits and Day Dates

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Today I am thankful for day dates with my main squeeze. With kids in the house, we don’t get to spend a lot of quality alone time together. And with the holidays, it feels like everything is done as a family. I’m off every Friday (lucky I know… my job is amazing), and J tries his best to take that day off as well so we have can spend the day together while the kids are at school. Normally we treat ourselves to breakfast together and run a few errands or hang out kid-free. I love grabbing breakfast with my man because I like never get to eat breakfast during the week it seems.


Even though I love breakfast day dates and going out to eat, I really look cooking at home too. Pancakes and eggs and bacon and grits and biscuits and gravy… ok I’ve really got to stop writing these posts when I’m hungry. I pinned a recipe not too long ago that combined two amazingly wonderfully Southern things: biscuits-n-gravy and casseroles. Here are the details:

Pin: Biscuits-n-Gravy Casserole

Website: Lemon-Sugar



Unfortunately duty called for the man today, and I had to eat breakfast by my lonesome after the awards ceremony at school for the kids. Don’t worry I didn’t cry on my pancakes… I really enjoy my all by myself time. I scrolled down through a couple of other biscuits-n-gravy pins and found tonight’s meal, supper’s spin on the casserole: Chicken Biscuits-n-Gravy Casserole. My mouth is like a drooly faucet right now ahhhhhhhhh!

Pin: Chicken Biscuits-n-Gravy Casserole

Website: Rachael Ray

I’ve added a pin if you want a biscuit recipe from a fellow North Carolinian who knows her biscuits:

Pin: Mile High Biscuits

Website: Something Swanky

I will say that this is definitely not a healthy recipe. At all! But it’s biscuits-n-gravy and Friday so who the heck cares right now! I really just combined all three of the pins using the basic structure of the original casserole and adding chicken topped with the mile high biscuits. And it was AMAZING! I would say don’t skip the homemade biscuits. Canned biscuits will not be enough for this recipe. You may could use the biscuits that come frozen in a bag, but I still would stick with freshly homemade to be safe. Definitely a decadent dish that can even be prepped ahead of time for the morning. Too feel a little bit healthy, I served some fruit up on the side. Plus I gave you a healthy breakfast dish with Amee’s pancakes below!

And J didn’t work too long today, so we got plenty of good snuggles and are settling in with the first fire of the season to warm us during the cold front that is passing through this weekend! Hope you all stay warm and snuggle all of those you are thankful for!

Do you have any amazing recipes? Link up with us at Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday below and share your good ol home cookin!



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