MT Tribe Showcase: Inspired Housewife

Next up in the MT Tribe Showcase is a woman who lives up to her blog name, Amee from Inspired Housewife. Amee is a mom who does it all. She is a mother and a BeachBody coach who helps men and women reach their health and weight loss goals. She is truly an inspiration.


I am Amee, a housewife, mother, food lover, and DIY cleaner. I am a special needs parent and a woman’s health advocate. I love my cats, shoes, chocolate, and Superman. I raise money for my son’s medical treatment as a on-line health and fitness coach through Beachbody.


Amee loves helping others eat better and feel better about themselves. She has tons of gluten-free and healthy recipes on her site. I love her recipe for Gluten-Free Holiday Pumpkin Pancakes. I am dying to try them. I love to eat pancakes but hate how they make me feel afterwards. I feel all heavy and icky and not good. I believe these pancakes are a great and healthy alternative to the ones I’ve been making. Plus they’re PUMPKIN pancakes… you really can’t go wrong. Go on over to get the recipe and try it out along with other DIY tips for the home.

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She also has a fitness blog, Udderly Fit, which you can find here:





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