Thanksgiving Day Blessings: New Home

I am thankful for a new home. I moved into J’s house in April of this year and am head over heels. I love the views of the corn/hayfield from my front porch. I love my huge laundry room and back deck. I love the uniqueness of the living room with its gigantic fireplace. I love the roominess of the kitchen. I love the warmth and laughter of home. I love that we are all together and everyone has their own space. I am so very blessed to have a home and family to share it with. It’s true what they say: Home is where the heart is.

I’ve had to do quite a bit of remodeling in the house to get rid of the remains of the bachelor pad that was there before the womenfolk moved in. It also did not have much of a woman’s touch at all and had been dull and boring and not maintained. I definitely came to the rescue in all of my woman-ness. Here are a few before and after pictures of what has been done so far. Note: I have so much more to do with this house, but that’s the beauty of having a home, it’s a constant work in progress.





I also love decorating my home, and as promised, here are a few of my decorations for Thanksgiving. By a few I mean my mantle:


That’s about it folks. I am trying desperately to make until the weekend before Thanksgiving to put up the trees. But now it’s non-stop Christmas music time on 99.5 WMAG and I just don’t foresee me waiting to much longer. Plus J and the kids are bugging me to start decorating too. Ugh little Thanksgiving-fun sucking monsters. Poor Pilgrims. They don’t have anything on Christmas. And my girls asked today if they could dress up for Thanksgiving. Um no. Halloween is over. What is wrong with these crazies?

If you still need or want to decorate for Thanksgiving, here are a few pins and sites I used as inspiration for my décor:

 Pin: Simple Fall Centerpieces

Website: A Life in the Balance

Pin: Beautifully Simple Porch 

Website: The Crackling Crows Banners

Pin: Pumpkin and Mums Centerpieces and Tons of Other Fall Decor

Website: Ciao! Newport Beach

We would love to see your Thanksgiving Decorations at Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday Linky Party happening below! Link up with us for a chance to be a Featured Favorite and a spot in the Timeout Chair!


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