Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Veteran’s Day and Christmas Cards for the Troops

I am thankful for veterans that have fought so valiantly to protect our country. I am thankful for those who served, lost their lives, are Missing in Action, and those currently serving. Many young men and women from my community have answered the call and have served in all branches of the military. I am proud to know them and thank them for their sacrifice.

My dad is a USAF Veteran and served during peacetime at Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, NC. I was born at the hospital on base, and my dad got out of the service shortly after my birth. I’ve never even seen the hospital but am very proud that I was daughter of an airman. My Nanny was a USN Veteran and served during Vietnam for a short period of time. My Papaw is also a USN Veteran as well as a US Army Veteran. The military is very near and dear to my heart.


This morning I explained to the girls why they were out of school today. I told them that it was Veteran’s Day and explained the meaning of the day. I also told them who the veterans are in our family.

We talk a lot about Hallmark Christmas Movies over at MT Tribe. One of my favorites is The Christmas Card where the woman sends a Christmas card to a service member and he comes and finds her and they fall in love. Actually kind of stalkerish but so incredibly sweet. And I love the idea of sending cards to troops. I decided that a good tradition to start this year for Veteran’s Day would be to make Christmas cards for troops serving overseas. I broke out the card stock and decorated some cards with the girls letting them write the letters and draw pictures.

There are several outlets to send cards to those serving abroad, but the one that we are going with is through The American Red Cross. Here are the details and I linked to the site of course:

  • The project is called Holiday Mail for Heroes
  • You can mail or drop off your cards at participating local chapters or by contacting your chapter for a direct address if they are not participating.
  • Local Chapter in the Triad: High Point or Greensboro
  • No money or gift gards should be included
  • No fancy glitter on the cards; this could irritate injuries if received by a wounded veteran in the hospital.
  • Use “Dear Service Member, Veteran, or Military Family Member” when addressing the cards.
  • Tweet about the project using #holidaymail

Here are some pins found on Pinterest that are linked to great ideas for Christmas cards that are patriotic:

Pin: Card One

Website: Greeting Card Universe

Pin: Card Two

Website: Pineapple Soup Designs (Etsy shop that has an item no longer available)

Pin: Card Three

Website: Zazzle Greeting Cards

Pin: Card Four

Website: Song of My Heart Stampers

Pin: Card Five (Using Hand prints which you know I love!)

Website: Makeovers and Motherhood

My girls loved making the cards and learning about the sacrifices of veterans. It made the day much more meaningful than just a day off from school. The cards need to be mailed early to ensure arrival by Christmas, so Veteran’s Day is the perfect day to make the cards and send them. Even if you can’t make cards today, make sure to thank a veteran or service member!


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