Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Sisters

I’m the oldest of 3 girls (poor dad). I’m 29, my sister Whitley is 26, and Madison is 12. Yes we have the same parents. No she wasn’t an accident unless you count “being a girl” an accident. My dad wanted a boy after 14 years and well, he got another girl.



My sisters are the best. Whitley is the absolute opposite of me. I’m short, she’s tall. I’m nice, she’s mean. I’m pretty, she’s ugly. Just kidding. But really we are complete opposites, but we are very goofy together. I had a friend that met my sister and later told me “You make sense now.” Wee (Whitley) is one of my best friends that I love to hate sometimes. We fight like cats and dogs but are there for each other no matter what. We’re even getting married in the same year! I love my wittle big seester so much! I regret all of those times I tried to kill her in her sleep now haha. Of course that is a joke…



Madison is a perfect mix of both of her sisters yet uniquely herself. She is the most like our mother and is very sensitive and loving at the same time. She is a complete nerd, and if you call the house phone, you can guarantee you are going to hear “CVS pharmacy” or some other dump crap if she answers. She is beautiful, and I’m super-protective of her. I was 16 when she was born, and when I moved back home from college when she was about 2, we were inseparable. She even slept in my bed with me. Now that she is older, I glare at any onlooking hormonal middle school boy and secretly hate all of the little bratty girls that are mean to her. I feel sorry for Mimi (Madison) really because she will never be able to have a normal relationship until she is like 30. I’m pretty sure I should suggest the Duggar rules that I was reading about earlier to Mom. I think side hugs should be the only form of touching any boy should have with her. Until she’s 30. After that it would be weird.



Not only are my sisters amazing sisters, they are also amazing aunts. Wee (or Aunt Litley) always gives the best toys and prizes and hugs. I literally disappear when she is here visiting (she lives 2 hours away). She is caring and patient and loving and the supplier of the Ipad games. I can’t wait until she has some little ones so I can finally be an aunt. Madison plays EVERYTHING with the girls: fashion show, Dance Moms, doctor, etc. Usually one of the girls ends up getting mad at her because she aggravates the bejesus out of them sometimes, but I’m glad she’s so close and they have her to look up to. They want to do everything Madison does. I can wait an eternity until she has some little ones… I want her to be my little Mimi forever.







I’m glad to come from a close family that loves one another despite the arguments and disagreements. I love my sisters and the girls love their aunts so much. I’m so thankful and blessed to have them.



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