Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Kid-Friendly Meals

In a world where so many children go hungry every single day, I am thankful today and every day that I am able to provide a meal for my children three times a day with plenty of snacks in between. I wrote a post back in August featured on Social Good Moms in support of funds and assistance to the poorest and most uneducated babies, children, and mothers in the world. The fact that there are people in the world who cannot afford or do not have access to the basic essentials of life is heart wrenching. I cannot imagine listening to my baby cry herself to sleep at night because she is hungry. I cannot imagine watching my child go days on end with not much more than a few pieces of bread or a few sips of drinking water.

This isn’t only a problem in third world countries. There are families here in North Carolina who do not have meals on supper tables each night. The despair they must feel, especially during Thanksgiving, to not be able to have a big turkey or sweet potato pie. It just isn’t Thanksgiving without stuffing yourselves sick with food. These families are lucky to even feel a reprieve of the pangs of hunger. I am linking up some sites in North Carolina that offer help to those who need it during the holidays and who are providing holiday meals. You can also donate towards the meals or take food to the food pantry. It is possible to donate online on both sites.

Website: Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

For $1, you can provide 5 holiday meals through the Food Bank of CENC


Website: The Blessed Table

The Blessed Table is operated by several Methodist Churches. My Nanny was a Methodist woman who volunteered at local food banks and homeless shelters through her church. I’m pretty sure they are missing her chicken pie!

It is so important to remind our children of how blessed they are to have a full belly when they go to bed at night. This isn’t always an easy concept for children to grasp. Sometimes we deal with picky little eaters who can’t be convinced to try even the most delicious of gourmet meals. I scoured Pinterest for what I believe to be some of the best Kid-Friendly Meals. You can find them linked below and can visit the site by clicking on the image:

click map

Pancake Bites Chicken Nuggets Cranberry Turkey Pinwheels Mini Pot Pies PB Quesadilla Salad Kabobs Mini Biscuit Pizzas Apple Chicken Bites Taco Cups Mini Corn Dogs

Hope you enjoy! I know I can’t wait to try those chicken nuggets.


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