MT Tribe Showcase: Mommy’s Bundle

We had a wonderful break last week for Halloween, but I must say I missed my weekly MT Tribe Showcase! I’m back this week with Ana from Mommy’s Bundle. Ana is such a joy to have as a tribe member, and her posts are remarkable. I definitely feel like Ana is the “baby/toddler” whisperer. She has so many engaging and fun ideas for the littlest of littles. Here’s Ana:


I am a WAHM to two little boys: a rambunctious toddler (2 years old) and a newborn (well, now 4.5 months). I blog about pregnancy, parenting and the everyday things that fill my house (clutter, cleaning, kids activities and favorite products). I have a background in marketing (SEO in particular) but now working on the other end of things as a blogger. 


As I said before, Ana has amazing ideas to help mamas get through those first few years that are so trying. Ana has a picky eater, so she blogged about some ideas to bribe… I mean convince your child to eat his food! You can read all about it in her post “Breakfast Ideas for Picky-Eaters.” I’m not a picky eater but even I want someone to make me those butterfly waffles. Head on over to her blog and make those kiddies eat!

And while you’re there, show her blog some social media love:






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