Thanksgiving Day Blessings: Artwork Display

I am thankful today for education and artwork. I am thankful for teachers and artists who let my children explore their creativity. I am thankful for children who are able to learn easily without boundaries, who are intelligent and rarely struggle with school work. I am thankful that we live in a country that allows girls to go to school and college and beyond. I am thankful for a country that provides an education (even if it has implemented Common Core… ugh) for all children.

The kiddies are learning so much at school this year and have the papers and work to prove it. Seriously they come home with STACKS of papers each week. Now I’m the mama that has a bin for each kid full of school work and cards and pictures and other keepsakes that they have accumulated since birth. But for real, if I keep every single thing that comes home, the bins will be full by Christmas. I’ve decided to take the approach of keeping a few things a week and either trashing the rest, or putting it in the scrap paper bin on their table in the laundry room/office (I have a huge laundry room, when it’s finished and renovated from its current lackluster state, I promise I will show it to you all) for them to write and doodle on.

Since moving homes, I’ve kept quite a bit of work from school but displayed very little. At the old house, I had a cute little artwork wall in the girls’ room but have yet to recreate it in their current room until now. I finally decided to finish their Artwork Display wall so that I could put up some of this fabulous work.

I found the idea for the Artwork Displays long ago on Pinterest from the following pins:

Pin: Artwork Display One

Website: Living Well Spending Less

Pin: Artwork Display Two

Website: A Little of This, A Little of That



I had to touch up a few of the frames and re-glue a few of the clothespins, but they’ve held up pretty well (I think I first made them 2 years ago). The girls loved having their wall back. I miss their old room from time to time because I put a lot of heart and soul into it. The Artwork Display feels like a little of that room is in our new home. I have a few more things I eventually want to add, especially this quote by Pablo Picasso, but all in all, I really love their sweet little purple room. I know, too, that one day this room will become a nursery most likely, and the girls will move on to either an addition to the house or to our current room as we make way for a new little baby in the family. And word has it that Mr. Claus is bringing them some bunk beds for Christmas, so we will be doing some more remodeling to the room after the new year.



If you don’t have the wall space or the bin space to collect artwork, or your kids are a little older and you still want to hold on to those precious memories, consider a digital scrapbook like the one in the pin below:

Pin: Scrapbook of Memories

Website: Kaye Winiecki Designs


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