Carving Pumpkins and Hayrides

Over the weekend, we went to a little community event near our house. We have a little gas station/convenience store right up the road that right now not only has the cheapest gas for 20 miles, but also has a little pumpkin patch. The kids were able to pick a small pumpkin from the patch to take home and decorate! As we were picking out pumpkins, I noticed that they store was having a hayride and bonfire that night. We didn’t have anything better to do, so J and I took the kids back that evening for the event.


It was a lot of fun meeting and talking with a few people in the community. The girls saw a few of their friends from school, ate some candy, and drank hot chocolate around the bonfire. And they loved the hayride too!


We then went home and let the kids color their pumpkins with *gasp* sharpies (hey it’s better than giving them a knife and saying, here you go carve away). You can tell they are all about writing their letters because most of their pumpkins are covered with names and words instead of faces. Meanwhile, I attempted to carve my pumpkin, with help from the kiddos getting out all of the seeds. I’m not the best at carving. I started out trying to carve a spiderweb. It turned into a Jack o’ Lantern with one “spider web eye.” Yeah I don’t know… my kids liked it.



It was a fun little Saturday night… until I got sick and thought I was going to die later on but that’s a different “scary” story in itself. We are one step closer to Halloween night and I can’t wait to take the girls Trick or Treating. Let’s just hope that they have costumes at that point and don’t have to go as trash bag monsters or something.

Have you carved your pumpkins yet? If not, check out the round up below of my favorite pumpkin carving and decorating pins from Pinterest. Each image is clickable and links to the website. All pins can be found on my October Pins Featured on TTPA board.

click map

Preserving Pumpkin Bat Pumpkin HP Pumpkin Crayon Pumpkin Carving Trick Carving Ideas SpideyPumpkin Cinderella Pumpkin

*Some of the pins were to broken links or non-existent websites, so I linked the image to the pin.*

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway, it ends tomorrow and you can enter by clicking on the image below:




4 thoughts on “Carving Pumpkins and Hayrides

  1. I love when I randomly come across something fun to do when I am not expecting it! I havent taken the kids to a pumpkin patch yet.. yikes.. I need to get on it for those cute pics!


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