LeapFrog Kids Activities and Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

I have had so much fun crafting with my little ones this Halloween season. They’ve helped me in the kitchen with recipes, made some things on their own, helped with decorations, and worked on some amazing activities from LeapFrog Learning Path geared towards preschoolers for Halloween. Last year, the kids all got LeapReaders from Santa, and when we registered them online, we were signed up to receive activities to print specialized for the academic needs of our children. I never really used the activities because I assumed they came with a price tag. Well, to my surprise, the activities are free for everyone, not just product owners. The worksheets are printable in PDF form and are fantastic. My girls spent the afternoon on their day off from school yesterday doing the Halloween activities. There are new printables each week, and you can select the age range of your child from newborn to 8 years old. Great ways to help foster the learning of your children and engage their minds. Especially great for those days that you need a little peace and quiet and want the kids just to SIT STILL for 5 seconds haha.

We also did a little craft found on Pinterest that I thought was absolutely adorable. I’m sure you’ve seen it, the Q-Tip Skeleton. The pin and site are below:

Pin: Q-Tip Skeleton

Website: Bee in Your Bonnet



The girls had so much fun talking about the parts of the skeleton and bones. They loved gluing on the q-tips and making their own little skeleton. We read a few books with skeletons in them to supplement the activity, and I roasted some pumpkin seeds for them to eat. Definitely a fun and approved activity for the twins as well as any preschooler!



Only a few more days until Halloween, and we are very ready to celebrate! Well sort of… I still have a dining room table full of fabric and unfinished costumes. Nothing like the last minute.


If you still are looking for some last minute decor, enter the Spooky Halloween Letter Giveaway by clicking the image below! Giveaway ends October 30!



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