How to Give Back This Halloween

It’s the week of Halloween, and I’m about to be super busy. As of now, I have two unfinished costumes on my dining room table. Unfinished means that I have yet to cut the pattern out with the fabric. Yikes. Yikes. Double Yikes. I like being a procrastinator. Not. So my week may get a little stressful.


I’m pretty sure that while Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year, it is also the most selfish day. We go to houses practically uninvited dressed up in sometimes scary costumes without any consideration of the mental stability of the inhabitants of the home and their ability to handle frightful situations. We then proceed to demand candy all of which we stuff into our mouths without consequence. None of this is unacceptable and nearly the entire population of the United States follows the aforementioned “Halloween protocol.” And we may sneak in a “thank you” which sounds like “mank foo” with a mouth stuffed with Hersheys.

*My kids always say “mank foo/thank you.” I’m not a perfect mom, but my kids will not be rude even on Halloween.*

We’re pretty dang selfish on October 31st. You have to admit. So I decided to come up with a few ways that we can give back on Halloween and to think of others just a bit.

PicMonkey Collage

1) “Boo” Someone

I’ve seen this pin on Pinterest for quite a bit now that gives instructions for “booing” your neighbors. Basically the concept is to print out the little poem or saying and attach it to a goodie bag to leave on your neighbors doorstep. The idea is to be completely anonymous. It’s a fun way to give a little Halloween joy to elderly neighbors who don’t have many visitors.

You can find the poem and idea from the pin and site below:

Pin: You’ve Been Booed

Website: Crazy for First Grade

2) Trick or Treat in Reverse

Instead of going door-to-door asking for candy, give candy instead. Take the extras that your kids have or buy candy on sale the day after Halloween and head to the nearest nursing home or retirement center. Visit the residents and hand out candy. Of course clear this with the staff ahead of time and make sure there aren’t any specific allergies or diet restrictions. The residents will love the visitors!

3) Canned Food Drive

When going trick-or-treating, ask for canned foods instead. Take along a paper bag, wagon, or old school pillowcase and ask for canned food donations. Food pantries start running low this time of year with the holidays approaching, so what better time to donate. And I’m sure your kids will get candy too.

4) Costume Donations

I know it’s tough to part with sentimental items, but if you know that your kids will never wear their costumes again, give them to someone who may not can afford to buy a costume. Or if you can’t part with yours, buy one for someone in need.

5) Teacher Gifts

With report cards coming up and crazy sugar-induced kids roaming the halls, teachers need a little extra. Send a little something-something to your child’s teacher. Even if it is something small, they will appreciate the thought. Here is an idea and pin for those teachers in your lives:

Pin: Teacher Treat Bags

Website: By Stephanie Lynn

6) Turn That Frown Upside-Down

So many people have bad feelings about Halloween. I’ve heard every reason in the world for not celebrating from witch craft to candy rots your teeth. Why not change it up by helping out the week of or after Halloween. Instead of rolling a neighbor’s house, offer to rake leaves. Instead of playing pranks, bless with baked goods or something sweet. Any gesture you make will help that person appreciate not only Halloween but every day.

I know this post is on Mommy Monday which is a day of Mommy-selfishness, but sometimes the best way to feel good about yourself is to help someone else. Maybe you know a mommy who is having a hard time this Halloween. Help her out and lend a hand. Offer to take the kids off of her hands while she cleans the house. Maybe she needs some adult conversation. Sit down and let her talk your ear off for a while. Give back this Halloween in any way you can.

We may love the treats, and sometimes the tricks, but take time this year to treat someone other than yourself.

If you want a little treat, don’t forget to enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway. The contest ends October 30. Enter by clicking on the image below:



6 thoughts on “How to Give Back This Halloween

  1. Great ideas! Halloween is a very odd holiday when you think about it. My school would collect excess candy that would get donated somewhere. As a child it was hard to depart with my candy, but I think there are valuable lessons to be learned from every holiday.

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