MT Tribe Showcase: Babies, Bloodhounds, and Booze, Oh My!

Today’s MT Tribe member was one of the first to join our little group, and we have become such good friends despite her having terrible taste in football teams (GO NINERS). I am so proud to know Alyssa of Babies, Bloodhounds, and Booze, Oh My! Here is a little about Alyssa:


I’m Alyssa, a stay at home mom in Eastern Washington. I have a beautiful toddler named, Audrey. My dog, Tara, is a big and slobbery bloodhound, oh and did I mention that I love booze? My life is a crazy one and full of so much excitement. I’m just a mom trying to pave her own yellow brick road.

As moms, we struggle with body image. Let’s face it, after we have babies, all of us, ALL of us, is never the same. And we beat ourselves up about it constantly. One of my favorite blog posts of Alyssa’s is “Getting My Confidence Back After Baby” Alyssa reminds us that our bodies are so much more than pretty pictures, but were little baby-making apartments that helped grow and form our precious little ones. All moms should read it. It’s beautiful!


Head over to Alyssa’s blog and show this mama some love today:








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