Second Star to the Right, and Straight on Til Morning

For whatever reason, I love costumes for little girls that are reinvented boy costumes. In other words, I love seeing a little girl Batman or Spiderman or other typical male characters. So last year I convinced and persuaded my girls to be Peter Pan and Captain Hook… girl style. The pair is a very classic hero-villian costume duo that twins pull off nicely. After all, one is typically a little evil… haha kidding… So I made some more tutus and some other accessories for my little Disney pair.

I found a good bit of pins and websites that give traditional Peter Pan and Captain Hook Costumes as well as some ideas for Wendy and Tinkerbell (they could be a “fighting” duo too since they didn’t get along very well):

Pin: Cute Little Trio

Website: Links to an Indulgy page

Pin: Wendy Costume Inspiration

Website: Disney Magical Dreaming

Pin: Tinkerbell Tutu

Website: BitsnScraps Etsy Shop

Pin: Peter Pan Traditional Tutorial

Website: Babble Courtesy of Disney

All of those ideas were super cute, but not quite what I wanted to do. So I looked some more and found this pin and site:

Pin: Peter Pan and Captain Hook Tutu Style

Website: Willow Lane Boutique Etsy Site

I knew I had to have some tutu-ed girls! But the pin links to a site to BUY the costume. I wanted to MAKE a costume. So I used all of the links as inspiration and my prior knowledge of tutu making from the Siamese Kitten costumes and got to work.


These have been my favorite costumes so far that I’ve made. And no sewing was involved.

To make Peter Pan’s look (minus the tutu which just used two colors of green tulle from Hobby Lobby… Heaven on EARTH), I bought some green leggings and a green shirt. I roughly cut the sleeves of the shirt to get the jagged look. I bought a green head band and hot glued a red feather to it for a girl version of P.P’s cap. I straightened L’s hair and put a little blush and green eye shadow on her, tied up her tutu and had my little girl Peter Pan.

For Captain Hook’s look (again minus the tutu which was made of red and black tulle), I bought red leggings and a red long-sleeved shirt that was a size too big for B. I cut the shirt down the center and hot glued thin gold ribbon along the edges. I made a collar out of red felt and lined it with gold ribbon as well. I then glued lace to the ends of the shirt and in layers on a white turtle neck for a ruffled shirt effect. I stuck a purple feather in her little pony tail and drew on some C.H whiskers. I also made a hook out of cardboard and aluminum foil, but it stayed in the bucket pretty much. I tied on the tutu and had my little girl Captain Hook.

They were so adorable, and I loved every minute of their costumes. I can’t wait to make their costumes this year. If you’ve seen the last two looks from yesterday’s Halloween Inspired Makeup for Mummy, then you know what they will be this year!

If you want more ideas for twins or duos, check out last week’s post.

And of course if you haven’t had a chance to enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway, you can do so by clicking on the image below:



4 thoughts on “Second Star to the Right, and Straight on Til Morning

  1. These costumes are fab! I’m afraid mine are a bit old for co-ordinating costumes now at 13, I wish I’d thought of it back when they were dinky and still let me dress them!
    Thanks for linking up to #MultipleMadness


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