Halloween Inspired Makeup for Mummy

It’s Mommy Monday… or Mummy Monday if you’re feeling festive. Today I’m on Fall Break which is super exciting because I get to enjoy a full day of Mommy loving glory! Last week I went on and on and on about how I do not dress up for Halloween. I don’t want to leave yall with the wrong impresssion though. I’m super festive. I love Halloween. I loved Trick-or-Treating and dressing up as a child. I just don’t dress up now. And I know there are lots of moms like me who don’t either. So I thought and thought of a way to let us non-dress up mamas still have a little glam and fun on Halloween without it being consider “costume.” I finally came up with an idea of Halloween Inspired Makeup for Moms.

Most of the time when we think of makeup for Halloween, we think of painted faces that go along with the rest of your costume. So I decided to research some pins and come up with some looks that aren’t over the top and can be worn for Halloween or any day of the year if you’re feeling fancy. A little about my process first:

1) I’m not a makeup artist. I’m doing good to have eyeliner and mascara on most days. I don’t have fancy brushes or products. Most of my stuff is from Cover Girl aka Walmart. I’m not fancy. Please don’t expect fantastic over the top amazing results from this mama. I’m giving you ideas, and I’m certain you ladies will be better at creating these looks than me. But I did have a lot of fun I must say.

2) I am not going to give tutorials. That’s what the pins are for. These are simply ideas once again.

3) I am going to list the pins I used as inspiration under the pictures of my looks.

4) I used past and present Halloween costumes of the girls for ideas. Pinterest has tons and tons of other ideas if you want to coordinate with your little one.

Let’s get started you beautiful makeup mamas!

Look #1: Lioness

WP_20141015_017 - Copy - Copy

WP_20141015_024 - Copy - Copy

Yeah I’m totally rocking that Mama Lion look! This look wasn’t completely easy to do, but I like the golds and browns. Pins are below:

Pin: Lion Look One

Website: From Head to Toe

Pin: Lion Look Two

Website: The Poetry of Material Things on Tumblr

Pin: Scar look from The Lion King

Website: Preen Me

Look #2: Tigress

WP_20141015_006 - Copy - Copy

WP_20141015_008 - Copy - Copy

I’ve got the Eye of the Tiger! Be warned… I’m in a corny mood today… must be all of this free time! Here are the pins and sites I used:

Pin: Tiger Eye One

Website: Makeup Bee

Pin: Tiger Eye Two

Website: Leads to an image not sure of original source

Look #3: Mexican/Dora Theme 

WP_20141015_025 - Copy - Copy

WP_20141015_026 - Copy - Copy

Flowers in the hair are a definite must. So are the darkened eyebrows, minimal eye makeup and tinted lips… I think that little blurp could have been in Cosmo… maybe I’m good at this haha. Or not. I threw some Day of the Dead makeup pins in with these as well if you want to go all out.

Pin: Mexican Inspired One

Website: Bespoke Bride

Pin: Mexican Inspired Two

Website: Leads to a Flickr Account

Pin: Mexican Inspired Three

Website: Again leads to an image not sure of the source

Pin: Day of the Dead One

Website: Links to LilacSkinDesigns but you have to be invited to read the blog

Pin: Day of the Dead Two

Website: Buzzfeed Contributor Adrian Carrasquillo

Pin: Day of the Dead Three

Website: Links to an Ebay page

Look #4: Siamese Cats or Cats in General

WP_20141015_034 - Copy - Copy

WP_20141015_035 - Copy - Copy

I wasn’t very good at the Cat Eye look. I was a little over my eyeliner at this point. I linked up a pin with a tutorial because this look is pretty popular on Pinterest right now.

Pin: Cat Eye Tutorial

Website: Link is not found but tutorial is in image

Look #5: Peter Pan

WP_20141015_048 - Copy

WP_20141015_050 - Copy

I kind of like this look. I’m not much for glitter or green eye shadow but it makes my eyes look really brown. I wish I would’ve had this last year for Halloweening with my own little Peter Pan. Here are the pins, the Peter Pan could double as Tinker Bell as well:

Pin: Peter Pan One

Website: Beautylish

Pin: Peter Pan Two

Website: Disney Style YouTube

Pin: Peter Pan Three

Website: Padmita’s Makeup Blog

Look #6: Captain Hook/Pirate

WP_20141015_045 - Copy

WP_20141015_042 - Copy

J gets these looks a lot. And I’m not talking about the makeup… I look like a bia I must admit. The concept here is a smoky eye with a little bit up purple. Smoky eye tutorial and links below:

Pin: Smoky Eye Tutorial

Website: The Wonder Forest

Pin: Smoky Eyed Purple Raven Eye

Website: Makeup Geek

Look #7: Wicked Witch

WP_20141015_053 - Copy

WP_20141015_052 - Copy

I think I pull off mean witch a little too easily. It’s amazing how the dark green makes you look pale and gives you a witchy complexion. I found quite a few different pins for the Wicked Witch:

Pin: Witch One

Website: Beautylish

Pin: Witch Two

Website: Beautylish

Pin: Witch Three

Website: Beautyoholic

Pin: Witch Four

Website: Hairstyles How To

Look #8: Dorothy

auth.aspx - Copy - Copy


Last but not least is Dorothy. I didn’t have any blue eyeshadow. I haven’t had any since 2000 I don’t think… But I did do a little pink and pink lip. I also fixed my hair Dorothy-style. I never wear lipstick either so I didn’t have any red, but it would definitely look good with some ruby red slippers. Pins are below:

Pin: Dorothy One

Website: Leads to an image

Pin: Dorothy Two

Website: The Joy of Fashion

I think my eyes hurt for days after all of the makeup changes but I had so much fun. I never get the opportunity to sit down and experiment with makeup. I really enjoyed myself. My sister, who is 12, asked why I didn’t use her as a model. I agree it would’ve been much easier and quicker, but duh Mimi, it’s MOMMY MONDAY. It’s my day to look beautiful! Hope you all take time today to make yourselves look fab. Even if it just means washing your hair… do it! It’s Mommy Monday!!!!!!!

If you want some extra glam for your house, enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway by clicking on the image below:



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