Campfire Ghost Stories: North Carolina Ghost Stories

North Carolina is pretty dang haunted and I don’t mean with a poor economy, terrible government, and pathetic teacher salaries. I mean ghost haunted. Like spirits and all that jazz. Now whether or not you believe in ghosts, good ol NC has some pretty creepy stories floating around that we’ve all heard in one way or another. Again I blame Tammy for these stories. I also blame her and my mother for one of the most terrifying nights of my life at Girl Scout camp. FYI, owls do not howl like ghosts and hold flashlights up to their faces. I’m looking at you mom! Today I’m going to retell a story that I’ve heard for years that is from my state. It is about a woman who mourns the death of her love near the Outer Banks. I’m sure I will screw it up a bit because I am retelling from memory. But don’t worry, I will link up a site at the end that has a version of the legend as well as tons of other scary real life ghost stories from the state. Now my little darlings… read on if you DAREEEEEEE!!! campfire nc The Lighthouse Lady Many years ago on the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, there lived a young girl and her father. Her father was a fisherman who was very protective of his daughter. The young girl grew up on the sea and was responsible for operating the light in the lighthouse to warn ships of the dangers of the cliffs near the coast. Every time her father was at sea, the girl would run to the lighthouse, turn on the light, and wait for her father to return safely. Soon the girl was a woman, and she fell in love with a local boy who was also a fisherman. The two wanted to get married but her father forbade it. So the young woman planned to runaway to elope with her young man. The young man set sail for the day’s fishing trip knowing that when he returned, he would marry his bride. The girl packed a suitcase and left a note for her father, who she believed was also at sea, to read when he got home. She went down to the docks to wait for her love. Her father had chosen to remain at home that day after hearing reports that a terrible storm was lurking offshore. He found the note his daughter had left him on the table and was furious. He knew that he had to stop this marriage once and for all. He waited until the evening by the lighthouse knowing his daughter would come to light it for the ships. The winds were picking up and soon a fierce storm was upon the islands. The young woman raced to the lighthouse to turn on the light then returned to the docks to wait on her man. The father watched his daughter descend the stairs and walk down the hill to the shore. He ran up the stairs and shut off the light just as the ships were making their way to harbor. The daughter saw the light go off in the lighthouse just as the ships crashed into the cliffs taking the lives of everyone on board. The daughter ran from the docks to the cliffs where she saw her father leaving the lighthouse. Beside herself with grief and anger, she jumped to her death from the cliffs. But she never left. Many say that they still see the young woman walking along the shore with a lantern guiding her love. She cries out in pain for the young man and life she lost. I found a similar story about the “Grey Man of Hatteras,” but I’m not sure if my story and that one have the same origins. There are lots of other great legends on the site, North Carolina Ghosts, as well. If these are too scary for you, maybe you just need a little spooky. Enter my Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway by clicking on the image below:



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