Halloweening My House: The Front Porch

In the South, your front porch is everything. If you don’t have big ferns hanging or rocking chairs swaying, then your front porch isn’t complete. And it is an absolute must for any Southern woman to display wreaths and decorations according to the seasons. Now some display a seasonal wreath and some change for the holidays. I’m the latter. I love all of the changes of different holidays. I even decorate for changes in sports seasons. Decorating my porch for Halloween is near the top of the list of my favorites. My Halloween wreath was the first wreath I ever made and one of my very first Pinterest projects that I attempted. Now I’m not going to lie and say it was my best creation. It’s a little lopsided and rough around the edges. It’s a rag wreath, and some of the fabric is longer than other pieces. But I’ve not parted with it yet because it reminds me of how far I’ve come in my DIY/Pinterest quests. It also is pretty cute. And up until this year, I’ve only decorated my porch with a wreath and a few pumpkins. But since the move, I’ve been jazzing up my front porch for all of the world, or my street, to see. This Halloween, I knew I had to step it up a notch and add more than wreaths and pumpkins. I found some pins for some inspiration:

Pin: Cute Front Porch

Website: Style Estate I think they took the link down, but I gave you the website credited in the pin

Pin: Creepy Front Porch

Website: Martha Stewart

Pin: Fall Front Porches

Website: Home Talk

Pin: Cutest Halloween Sign EVER

Website: Daybreak Utah

Pin: Halloween Porches

Website: Snap Creativity


Now I’m not an interior designer so my porch doesn’t look quite as cute as those in the pins, but I’m still pretty satisfied. I also bought the majority of my decorations at the Dollar Tree, so I didn’t spend a fortune. I have a few things to add before the season’s over like lights and real pumpkins.


I love my little frumpy rag wreath. It has character. I will probably make a new one in the next couple of years, but I like it for now. I got the idea for the wreath from the pin below. The site features tons of fall wreaths!

Pin: Rag Wreath for Halloween

Website: Shelterness


B is always trying to creep in my pictures! I decided that since I was a witch, I needed a parking space for my brooms. I got this idea from these links:

Pin: Witch Parking Only

Website: Free Home Decorating Ideas


I switched these witch legs around so much trying to arrange them the way I wanted them. I may change them again, but for now, they are holding the witch hat and standing upright. The sign was made years ago, and it fits my household to a tee. Check out some more witch legs from these pins:

Witch Feet:

Pin: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Website: All You

Pin: One More Dead Witch

Website: Positively Splendid


These are Dollar Tree fake pumpkins that are fabulous for decorating. I love carving pumpkins, don’t get me wrong, but I want some pumpkins that I don’t have to throw away every year. You can carve these pumpkins as well, but they are a little/a lot messy. I would stick to painting them. Ideas are from pins below:

Pin: Boo Pumpkins 1

Website: Dandelions and Dragonflies

Pin: Boo Pumpkins 2

Website: Craft Critters

Well there you have it, my front porch Halloween-style. I have a feeling that it will be an all-season project for me because it’s just not there. It may be because it has to live up to the mantle which I adore. All of the pins above are approved, and my house is officially completely decorated for Halloween.

If you still need some décor, enter my Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway by clicking on the image:


Have you decorated your house yet? We’d love to see what you’ve got! The party’s still going on! Link up with Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday! 9 blogs=9 times the exposure!


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