“S” Spiders Preschool Craft and Halloween Poem

PicMonkey Collage3

Last week, my girls made some precious little ghost footprints to display in my kitchen. I loved crafting with them, but ultimately I was the one doing the work. I just used their little feet. This week I decided that I was going to let them do the work. Since R is with us, I knew today would be the perfect day for them to do a project. I know they are at school all day long, writing and reading and learning, but I still wanted them to do something for Halloween that was fun and educational at the same time. I found the pin on Pinterest (probably years ago) below that is absolutely perfect for my little ones:

Pin: S is for Spider Craft

Website: No Time For Flashcards


Before picking the kids up from school, I laid out all of the supplies they would need. I used card stock because it is a little more durable than construction paper. I traced an “s” onto the black paper and cut small strips for the legs.


They had a little trouble with some of the cutting and folding, so I helped a little. I let them glue the legs on however they wanted. They had so much fun and thought the project was so cool with the bouncy legs.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

The craft is definitely approved. It was so popular that my kids wanted to do it BEFORE snack. That like never happens, they’re little pigs. The craft is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners learning their alphabet and developing cutting skills. And it’s a spider with long legs and the kids love it!




If you aren’t too crafty and are looking for some décor for Halloween, enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway by clicking on the image below:



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