We Are Siamese If You Please

If you don’t know by now from the title of my blog and my posts, I have twins! I know huge newsflash right? My twins are 4 and still willing to go along with just about anything I suggest. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been making the girls’ Halloween costumes for several years now. All of their costumes have been matching or “twin” costumes. I hope this lasts as long as possible because twin costumes are the best. I didn’t really get any of the ideas from Pinterest to make their costumes, but there are some great resources for Twin parents for matching/duo costumes for the twins:

Pin: Unique Costume Ideas for Twins

Website: Me Plus 3

Pin: 50 Halloween Costume Ideas for Twins

Website: Holli Long of Full Hands, Full Hearts

The first costumes that I made for the girls were their Siamese Kitten costumes. I added tutus to the costumes, because, well, they’re tutus… and that automatically makes anything cuter. If you’ve never made a tutu, I have several tutorials linked below from pins:

Pin: E-Book full of Tutu Tutorials

Website: Tutu Guide

Pin: Infant Tutu Tutorial

Website: The NY Melrose Family

Pin: Tutu Tutorial (Sewing Required)

Website: Girl.Inspired


These tutus were so incredibly fluffy the first time, but I loved them. I added black tights, mittens, sweatshirts (it was impossible to find off-white sweatshirts), ears and a homemade bow. I drew on some whiskers, and we had Siamese kittens. The “awwwwws” were overwhelming, and I must say I beamed with pride walking around with my cute girls. The tutus may not have been cheaper than a regular costume, but they were so fun to make and so cute. I really do love making them costumes. They are special for my special girls.



I know they’re mine, but dang they are some cute kids.



Proud Mommy!


Ok enough pictures… but seriously they are totes adorable. Pinterest has tons of costume ideas if you are drawing a blank on what to do for your kids this year. With the exception of infant costumes, I am a big fan of DIY because you can create costumes that aren’t like the thousands of other store-bought ones roaming around the block. You can also cater to sizes and personalities. Your kids will feel extra special as they are trick-or-treating. Many of the ideas pinned were easy enough for parents who aren’t really crafty or who can’t work a glue gun/sewing machine.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you make your kid’s costume or buy it off of the rack, whatever you do to make the holiday special is fine. Spending time with them and making lasting childhood memories will fill their love tank on Halloween night!

If you aren’t feeling crafty but want some Halloween decor, be sure to enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway by clicking on the image below:



8 thoughts on “We Are Siamese If You Please

  1. Your girls are so adorable and I def have the song in my head now as well!! ha! I cant wit to see what they dress up as this year! My mom also made all my costumes when I was little, I wish she would have kept some of them!


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