Pinto Bean Supper and Haunted Trails

I love family time! I don’t just mean family time with my little family but also with my huge extended family. My mom has one brother and four sisters (she had another brother who died in a car accident and a sister who died before I was born from a brain aneurysm). My dad is one of seven boys. My papa was one of fourteen. My nanny was one of eight. My grandma and grandpa on my dad’s side also come from large families but I can’t remember how many exactly. This translates to one thing: a big a double s family. HUGE. Almost as big as my china cabinet… There are a ton of us. I joke with J that if he ever screws with me, I have family ALL around me and they don’t miss. This may be why he thinks there’s poison…

Anywho, I’m not kidding about the all around me thing. I have uncles and aunts and cousins all over my community. I have a cousin two houses down from me. And if they aren’t my family, they know my family. And to top it all off, my grandparents owned a gas station when I was younger that was the epicenter of our community. Everyone knows me. It sucks sometimes haha. But the benefit to having so many people in your family in a close proximity is that there is always something going on, a birthday, cookout, wedding, murder trial, I mean, no…wait… oh nevermind. I promise we aren’t the mafia. One event that has been happening the past several years is my cousin’s Pinto Bean Supper. They cook a huge pot of pintos in a cast iron pot over a fire all day long. We have corn bread and chili (I believe I will be sticking to pintos… I’m chilied out for at least another month) and all kinds of desserts. My cousin’s son-in-law loves oreo dirt cake, so he will be happy to read that I am most likely putting a Halloween twist on this dessert. Then after the supper we have a hayride and a HUMONGOUS bonfire. Up to the top of trees, borderline/all the way dangerous, glad we know some volunteer firemen bonfire. And of course there’s bluegrass, a little drinky drinkin, and good old backwoods down home Southern fun. This year we are planning on hitting up a Haunted Trail afterwards. I don’t think I will make it with the kids… I don’t see them being able to handle running from chainsaws… but I’m sure it will be fun for the childless crowd. They are headed to Horror Woods near the house (shout out to the web designer, the dirt cake lover, from RickZebra Designs). It should be an amazingly frightful experience if it’s anything like that god awful picture on the website… AHHHH!

Photo by my cousin Virginia

I look forward to this event every year, and I’m so excited. We missed it last year because the kids were sick. There really is nothing like sitting out around the fire, listening to music, and being with family. I love them all so much and wouldn’t trade any of them… not even Boogey (that’s an uncle… don’t ask… yes that’s his name). This is only one of many events planned for October, and I get to check off several of my bucket list items. Hope you all are enjoying October family time this weekend as well!


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2 thoughts on “Pinto Bean Supper and Haunted Trails

  1. I absolutely love fall! However, spooky haunted houses are completely out of the picture for this girl. I am absolutely terrified of haunted houses! I can’t even swing a Rob Zombie scary movie! My husband loves them–I hide in my room under the bed. haha


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