Campfire Stories: Bobby and Cindy

I’m pretty sure my Girl Scout troop leader, Tammy, did a time warp with last week’s Golden Arm post. I know you’re going to like this week’s story woman! I remember exactly where I was when I first heard this story. I was camping with Tammy and Ashley, her daughter, and family at a campground near the beach I believe (“exactly where I was” is pretty relative… it’s been awhile). I was around the age of 9 or 10, and we were sitting around the campfire when someone told this beaut. And it scared the crap out of me. I never looked at lakes the same again. So here it is, this week’s installment of Campfire Stories!


Bobby and Cindy

There once was a high school couple, you know they went to the high school down the road, named Bobby and Cindy. Bobby was a star football player and Cindy was a cheerleader. They were so in love, soulmates really. One night after a football game, Bobby took Cindy to a local burger joint. He was nervous. He was going to ask Cindy to marry him. He fiddled with the box holding the diamond in his pocket. He couldn’t wait to make Cindy his wife. As soon as they finished eating, Bobby turned to Cindy and said, “Let’s drive down to the lake to Lover’s Lane.”

Now Lover’s Lane had a reputation of being a romantic lakefront spot that the kids visit to kiss and be alone. It’s also a very dangerous place, secluded from the road and miles away from town. Cindy knew that Bobby wanted to propose. He wasn’t acting like his normal self, so she went along with the plan even though she had a lurking feeling that it wasn’t the best place to go. Romantic, yes, but there was something creepy about that place.

Bobby drove out to the spot, and soon they were kissing and laughing and enjoying being in the arms of their lover. Just as Bobby was reaching for the ring, something huge hit the roof of the car. Cindy screamed. Then another huge THUMP! Bobby grabbed his flashlight. “What are you doing?” Cindy asked. “I’m not going to let some punks ruin our evening.” Bobby stepped out of the car looking around. “I’m going to head out towards the woods. I’ll be right back. I love you.” Bobby whispered. “I love you too,” Cindy replied breathlessly. She waited in the car for what seemed like an eternity when suddenly Bobby was screaming at her window, “Quick Cindy! Drive to town. Go GO GO!” As Bobby’s blood streaked across the car, a a growl devoured his screams. Cindy opened the door and shouted Bobby’s name. All that was left was a blood-soaked flashlight. “Bobby! Bobby!” He was gone.

Cindy heard the growl again and rushed to the car. She was shaking and sobbing. How is this happening? Where is Bobby? She put the car into reverse and sped out of the parking spot. Just as she was about to drive off, a scratching noise, like nails on a chalkboard, scraped across the windshield. Cindy screamed as the fingernails began to appear from the roof of the car, “You monster, you killed Bobby!” A bloody face with gnashing teeth crashed through the glass, “YOU’RE NEXT!” as the creature pulled Cindy through the windshield never to be seen or heard from again.

They say that the creature is still there at the lake, waiting for the next young couple to visit him at Lover’s Lane.

Ok so it’s corny, but seriously I think my 9-year old self just peed her pants a little. The ambiance of the fire and the water and the creepy Tammy-voice still gives me chills. The really scary part? This tale is supposedly a true story. It’s a for real urban legend from Texarkana. You can find all of the information in the link below:

Paranormal Stories

Next week, I’m retelling some of NC’s Ghost Stories. Maybe they’re true too. Who knows… maybe some of you are brave enough to find out… Bwahahahhahahahahaha. Until next time my little friends… *Cue Halloween Theme Song*

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