MT Tribe Showcase: Lisa Kerr

Next blogger up for the MT Tribe Showcase is Lisa Kerr of LisaKerr.Net. Lisa is a lifestyle blogger from California who writes about everything from cooking to romance to how to build your blogging business. Her tips for bloggers are absolute perfection. Here is Lisa’s short bio:


I’m Lisa Kerr, a writer who finally fell in love and settled down. My blog is about how my boyfriend and I fell in love, things we cook together, and I also blog about freelance writing, editing for a living, and how to blog better. I’m a published writer whose work has been published in various literary magazines and seen in Huffington Post, NPR, and New York magazine. I live in California with my two cats and a dog who has her own Instagram. My social media content is usually focused on blogging how-to’s, how to write better, and humor.

As a new blogger, I have learned so much from all of these women, especially Lisa. I take it day by day and know that I am running my own race and not trying to live up to the expectations of other bloggers who have been blogging for years. I’m almost to my 3 month mark, and I really enjoyed reading Lisa’s post, 21 Things I Would Tell Myself as a New Blogger. These are great tips and reminders for anyone who has just stepped into the world of blogging.

21-things-i-would-tell-myself-as-a-new-blogger-finalYou absolutely have to check out this blog if you love food, love, and blogging.

And while you’re at it, show Lisa some love on her blog and social media:








Portfolio Site


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