Halloweening My House: Creepy China Cabinet

A couple of months ago, my Papa convinced me that I needed a china cabinet. My Nanny decided years ago that she was going to give me and my middle sister a set of china before we were married. I believe that in a way she sensed that she wasn’t going to be there to see us walk down the aisle. The china is a beautiful white and silver set with serving dishes and just magnificent. Like with any china, you must display it unless you have really fancy taste and dinner parties all of the time. My display was on a closed cabinet shelf. So Papa decided that I needed a place to put all of my china. And he knew of one for sale. Now it wasn’t some beautiful enormous antique. It was old for sure and most definitely enormous. But beautiful?! Let’s just say it needs a makeover. And I’m pretty sure a good bit of the “wood” is some fake laminate stuff. But you don’t say “no” to Papa, so I have the behemoth adorning the wall of my kitchen. I plan to give it a good old-fashioned DIY redo when I remodel the rest of the kitchen. So while it’s still looking a little…well… rough, I’ve decided to turn it into a creepy china cabinet. I’m not completely finished with all I want to add to it, and I may keep the tradition up for years to come, but it’s a start. The most important thing is that my kids think it is the coolest thing ever.


I told you the thing was huge.


I found the sign at my new favorite interior designing store, the Dollar Tree, and the lights I had from last year. I may add black lights to the cabinet as well in place of the bulbs already in this monster. Don’t ask me what the statue thing is. It came with the house… I think it was part of a tribal set of figurines. I don’t know, it’s creepy and headless and it only is going to be used during Halloween. The big black vase and wine glass were just some I had laying around and I spray painted black. I filled the old pasta sauce jars with water and food coloring. J is convinced it’s real poison. Heh Heh… why would… I would nev… moving on.


Honestly it is not poison… I also, if you can see beyond the poison… I mean jars, I found a small metal bowl, which reminded me of something a witch might mash herbs or eyeballs up in, at my other fave decorating store, the Goodwill (Southerners put “the” in front of all stores… we’re weird… that’s the only explanation for that). I leaned the bowl up against some books. I think in the future I will hit up some yard sales for some old hardcovers that I can dress up to look like potion books. Somehow Harry Potter doesn’t look all that convincing. Here are the pin and site if you want to make your own books:

Pin: DIY Potion Books

Website: Whipperberry


Goodwill has some seriously great stuff. I found this cheap, gold and white plastic, battery-powered candelabra there and did a little painting to create an eery-looking centerpiece for a witch’s ritual or something like that. I have yet to put batteries in it to see if it works, but I think it looks cute without being lit. I used the same process of hot-gluing and painting that was used on the candles on my mantle.


I also stuck the cast iron pot, the one I used for Cajun’s Lemony Mushroom Chicken Chili , in the cabinet with a wooden spoon to look a like cauldron. I may replace this eventually but I like it for now. Plus it keeps the pot safe from danger, aka, my children.


Goodwill kept the goodies coming with this small ceramic pitcher that I spray painted black. I perched it atop a stack of books along with a huge black spider. The idea to spray paint came from the pin and site below:

Pin: Spray painting Goodwill Finds

Website: Your Decor (It’s credited to this site, but it’s not in English so I can’t be positively sure)

I plan on throwing in a few more things to my cabinet before Halloween, but like I said, my kids really love it as it is. I feel like super cool Halloween decorating mom to them, so who cares what everyone else thinks.

If you need a little decorating of your own, don’t forget to enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway by clicking on the image below for your chance TO WIN!


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