Cherishing the Piggies: Ghost Footprints and Jamberry Fall Nails

Not really sure why, but I am a sucker for anything made by kids using their hand or footprints. All of the wreaths and plaques and calendars adorned with little painted piggies are so adorable. I’ve had handprint wreaths and “mistletoes” and “hand flowers” stowed away for multiple seasons, but I didn’t have anything for Halloween. Until now. Today my girls made ghost footprints to display in the kitchen.

Shockingly, I found the idea on Pinterest for the DIY decor. Actually I found tons of pins for ghosts made from little kid feet. Here are the pins and sites:

Pin: Boo Feet 1

Website: Leads to spam, but you really don’t need to visit the site… the image shows everything.

Pin: Boo Feet 2

Website: Again the website doesn’t work. Dang Pinterest.

Pin: Boo Feet 3

Website: Guess what?!? Honestly you don’t need the sites, the images are enough.


I combined the last two pins. I really didn’t like the idea of calling my kids spooks. I don’t know it sounds wrong to me. Maybe I’m just being silly. So I decided to just say “Happy Halloween From Our Little Boos.” I thought it was clever enough. Then I added their little piggies to the canvas and wrote their names underneath. My girls are super ticklish and don’t like to get dirty (they get it from their Mama). Watching their faces when I paint their feet is priceless. It reminds me of my pedicure face… which is why I tried that blasted Listerine trick in the first place. Ugh. Not to the footprints but to the Listerine thing. As for the footprints, I think they turned out wonderfully. The pins (not the sites) are twin tested and approved.

We then applied our new Jamberry Nails. The girls got the Webs and Monsters, and I got the Icy Taupe Polka. They think they are big stuff with their fancy new nails. And they are super-ready for Halloween now.


I loved spending the afternoon crafting and being girly with my girly girls. They won’t be little forever. I am cherishing every moment of their little toes and little fingers. Pretty soon they will be wearing my shoes and painting their own nails. These art projects are the best. Grab your kids, love on them and savor every messy, magical moment crafting with them. They may be 18 in what seems like a heartbeat, but the memories will be eternal.

Don’t forget the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway. Enter by clicking the image below:



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