Halloween Costumes: Baby/Toddler Costumes from Old Navy

I am planning on making Halloween costumes for my girls as long as they will let me. Since they were 2, I have been tutu-ing and hot gluing and glittering costumes. I love creating and crafting for those little sweeties, and this year I’m adding sewing to my repertoire. I plan on having more little love bugs in the future, so my Halloween costume making could continue for years to come; however, I will never make my little babies, as in infants, costumes. Ever. And I have one reason for this and that reason’s name is Old Navy. Now before you get your DIY panties in a wad thinking I’m getting paid by the retail chain for dropping their name on my little blog, you’re wrong. I WISH Old Navy would give me some love like that. Maybe one day I will be that lucky. But as a fairly new blogger, I am giving my opinions for F-R-E-E. Yeah Old Navy free publicity. Ok so probably not too much publicity, and I doubt they will care. Anyways, I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s costumes for little ones. My favorite costumes of the girls were the lion and tiger from Old Navy. Seriously. Here I will just show you:


I mean I just can’t…


Honestly… Please tell me you understand and are on your way to Old Navy. Even if you don’t have kids…


I could give you a laundry list of why these costumes are so great. I mean they are affordable, cozy, comfortable, warm (lined with fleece for crying out loud), one piece yet easily removed for diaper changes, so stinkin cute. Nevermind… just… here…


Make the cuteness stop…


I didn’t see a huge selection of costumes online but you can check out the site anyways: Old Navy Costumes


I want another baby like yesterday…


Ok I will stop. Go buy them babies some cute goodness.

And if you want some more cuteness, enter the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway below. Click on the image to enter:



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