Mummy Needs A Drink: 8 Fall Beverages for Mummy

Now I’m not saying I need a drink, but it’s Monday, it’s slightly chilly, and I have a headache. I don’t drink a lot. Hardly at all actually. But one thing I love about October is the plethora of pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest type drinks that are amazing. I also am a fan of the Fall Sangrias that make their way to my pin boards annually. I spent 6 1/2 weeks in Madrid, Spain, and Sangria is my favorite wine-ish drink. I browsed Pinterest for what caught my eye and rounded up 8 drinks that this mummy wants to try in October.


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Boozy hot choco Mudslide Sangria apple slushie apple pie cocktail Vodka Martini Butterbeer

Some of the drinks are non-alcoholic (the Johnny Appleseed Apple Cider Slushie and the Butterbeer). But you could totally add a little something something to them for a little kick. Obviously consuming too much would not be a good idea. Trick-or-treating would almost be impossible if you drank too much. Plus no one is going to vote for “Drunk Mommy” as best costume. Not happening. But a little libation can keep the ghouls away from time to time. If alcohol isn’t your thing, I’m sure any of these could be made in non-alcoholic versions. Click on the pictures and links and spend your “Mummy” Monday finding a special drink to keep you sane this Halloween! Don’t share with the little monsters (duh) even if you make the non-alchy versions because today is your day and you can make a concoction only for yourself! Enough of this… That hot chocolate is calling my name.

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