Trix Monster Treats

Alas my Football Fridays are over for the season but have given way to Fridays focused on special Halloween treats for the kiddies. This week I’m going to review Trix Monster Treats or “Trix”ster Treats:

Pin: Trix Monster Bars

Website: Baked Perfection


I loved the idea of this snack because it is fairly healthy. As in healthy I mean it’s not chocolate candy that rots the teeth and the minds of our young children. Just kidding, I love chocolate. It just makes my youngins act a little cray-cray (they are officially on a one chocolate milk per day policy at school. Don’t ask). But I do realize that all month they are going to be fed candy like it’s going out of style. I also loved that the girls could decorate their own treat. I bought two tubes of CakeMate Writing Gel and let them go to town.



I’m not sure if the marshmallow-to-Trix ratio was completely correct. The treats fell apart a little, and this wasn’t my first time making marshmallow treats for sure. It may have something to do with using Trix instead of Rice Krispies. The girls still loved them and ate them, so I can’t complain. This pin is literally Twin Tested and Twin Approved. Great and easy treat for the Halloween Season.



If you haven’t entered the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway, you can do so by clicking on the picture below:


This weekend we are hopefully going to find a pumpkin patch and corn maze. I absolutely love this time of the year. Happy Fall Yall!


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