MT Tribe Showcase: Thriller Mom

Our next blogger in the MT Showcase series is Tandra of Thriller Mom. Tandra writes all about her life with her “cubs” that is sometimes insane but always blessed:

me minnie

I’m the mom of two girls (1 & 6 years old). Parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever committed to in. my. life. I share my battles, my hits & misses there. I consider Thriller Mom to be random because that’s just who I am. I write about whatever is nudging me at the moment. You may catch me laughing, crying, or throwing a tantrum at any moment.


I’m having one of those hectic days, and I absolutely love Tandra’s post “Put That Middle Finger Down!” It is a reminder to just relax and appreciate all that you have. If you are having a stressful day, stop and sip your coffee and read Tandra’s post. You will definitely feel better, I promise.

Ahhhhhhhh Much better!

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