Trick or Treat Mantle Decorations

I have a mantle and fireplace for the first time ever in my life, and I must admit that I have gone a little crazy decorating and utilizing my new favorite space. But nothing prepared me for the cuteness overload that happened once I put together my Halloween Trick or Treat mantle. I want to walk you through the process step-by-step giving you some ideas and instructions as well as some pins that inspired my mantle. First things first, here are a couple of pins that are beautiful examples of whole mantle displays that I used as inspiration:

Pin: Mantle Number One

Website: Sweet Something Design

Pin: A Whole Smorgasbord of Mantles

Website: Round Up from Lil Luna


Let’s get started with the mantle as a whole. I began by draping a black creepy shawl thing (I’m sure there is a more official wording but you get the picture) over the mantle. If you prefer cheesecloth or cobwebs, I’ve linked a pin and site below:

Pin: Hanging Cheesecloth

Website: Martha Stewart


I then hung a small (tiny) wreath that I wrapped in medical gauze and black lacy ribbon. I tied a little bow and displayed it above the mantle. I found my tiny wreath at the Dollar Tree. I found the idea on Pinterest of course:

Pin: Black and White Halloween Wreath

Website: La Petite Vie


I made the candles using a two-pack of emergency led candles at the Dollar Tree (the candlestick kind) and two glass candlestick holders also from D.T. I hot glued each candle into the holder being careful not to glue the part that twists off and on. I then used the hot glue to create a melted wax effect by gluing around the top and “squigglelying” lines down the candle to give the appearance of wax. I painted the candle black covering all of the glue. I used basic acrylic paint.


On one end of my mantle, I arranged a plastic silver platter, a cool looking green vase, a black glass with fake black roses, a plastic skull, and a huge black spider all of which were found at the Dollar Tree.


On the other side of my mantle, I arranged two faux foam pumpkins and a raven on top of some hardcover books that I just plucked off of my bookshelf. I painted one pumpkin black and mixed some silver glitter in the paint to give it a little blingy bling. I painted the other white and stuffed it into one leg of a lacy black stocking and tied it off with a black ribbon. The idea for the white pumpkin you can find linked below:

Pin: Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Website: Better Homes and Gardens


Also on that side, I taped up some black bats made from poster board. I found the ideas and designs for the bats here:

Pin: Bat Designs

Website: Things Organized Neatly (Tumblr Page)

Pin: Decorating with Bats

Website: Thrifty Decor Chick – The website is no longer working


To complete my Halloween Mantle, I hung a “Trick or Treat” garland on the front made from small wooden letters and a simple black ribbon.


There you have it, a simple fun and not too scary Halloween Mantle. I didn’t test any pins; however, so many of those listed above inspired me to create my mantle. I kept it easy yet added a few touches of elegance with the lace and glass vases and candle holders. This was just the beginning of my Halloween decorating and can’t wait to share all of my ideas and projects with you this season.

If you haven’t had a chance to link up with the Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday Linky Party, that information is below. I would love to see all of your Halloween decor. We party until tomorrow at 8pm EST.

Also remember that the Spooky Halloween Letters Giveaway is still going on until October 30. Enter by clicking on the picture. If you entered yesterday, you can tweet about the giveaway for more entries! Good luck!



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