Spooky Letters and a Halloween Giveaway

A rustle of leaves, a shadow lurks, a long howl beneath the light of a full yellow moon, the creak of the floor boards as faceless footsteps approach. Here it comes… HALLOWEEN!!!! Bwahahahahhahahahaha. Ok a little melodramatic but I’m EXCITED. I love Halloween. The frights and candy and pumpkins oh my my my. Today is October 1st, and I can officially put up my decorations. This is the only time that it is completely fine and appropriate to have skulls on the mantle place and severed fingers in the china cabinet. I can hardly wait. Over the past few years that I have been on Pinterest, I have created some of the cutest Halloween things inspired by some amazing pins. By far, the most favorite Halloween decoration I made last year were my Spooky Letters. I saw the pin below and knew I had to try and make some letters of my very own:

Pin: Spooky Letters

Website: Etsy Site for Craft Junkie 28 (the Etsy site is no longer available)

I really didn’t mind that I couldn’t buy them, because I really wanted to try and make some similar letters. When I was finished, I called my mom and gushed over them. I said, “I think I could maybe sell these.” I will let you be the judge.


And some close-ups:



I would, of course, love to sell these custom made, but for now I am going to host my very first giveaway and send a lucky Rafflecopter winner one set of these free of charge. The giveaway will run starting today until October 30. On Halloween, I will announce the lucky winner. If you would like a set before then, I may consider selling a few sets if there is an interest. You can comment and we can discuss. I have set up a link on Rafflecopter. You can access it by clicking on the picture below:


I will repost the link on every post until the 30th as a reminder. Be sure to check in daily for more chances to win! Good luck and Happy Halloween Season Everyone!


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