Chili Week: The Big Galute Chili Cook-off


On Saturday, the gang and I headed to Archdale, NC for the 4th Annual Big Galute Chili Cook-off. There was a 5k run held before the cook-off, but to me chili and running don’t mix. Actually my body and running don’t mix… especially the upper breastorial region (yes I made that word up… sounds much more professional than boobies). The event was 5 bucks per person (over 12) and free for kids with the donation of a canned food item. The proceeds went to families aided by the Archdale Trinity SerCo Club, and the canned food was donated to Helping Hands Ministry. The admission price included a tasting ticket/wristband, which brings me to the most important part of the event: THE TASTING.


The lawn was covered in tents all steaming and smelling of delicious goodness. We grabbed a spoon and dug in. There were so many different styles and tastes that my tongue had a mini panic attack. I definitely could have used a glass of milk after a few samples. I loved the heartiness of the chili created by the minds and bellies of two men of differing chili opinions. A perfect blend of spice and beans won me over on the first bite. I also appreciated the uniqueness of the chili with chunks of sausage crafted by a man who I believe was named Big Joe or Jim. Anyone with “Big” in front of their name knows how to make chili of this I am certain. The chili made with Gamms Sauce was so sweet and flavorful. Gamms is a family-owned business from right here in Archdale that specializes in sauces and dry rub seasonings. They even have the recipe for their 2012 award-winning chili on their website. I also really connected with the main ingredient in the chicken chili which wasn’t a seasoning but the love of children in the community. The cooks used their chili to reach out to families for child sexual abuse prevention through Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children Outreach offering training at the Carl and Linda Grubb YMCA. And just when I thought I couldn’t handle anymore, I spotted it across the field. I may have been directed by the Big Galute himself I’m not sure but there in the midst of Chili Heaven was a huge, old (or seasoned if you prefer) cast iron pot of chili being stirred by a wooden pole of a spoon. I really didn’t care how the chili tasted, I just knew I had to have what was in that pot. You cannot go wrong with cast iron and wooden spoons. 10395199_10101339793500178_8827686833131189567_n.jpg

If chili isn’t your thing, the event offered tons of other food including a fall favorite of mine, kettle corn. The shopping wasn’t too shabby either with vendors selling everything from wooden swings to a Dallas Cowboys apron that J thought in that little brain of his that he was going to force me to wear. No way boy, not in my house! The kids had fun too with bounce houses and slides. J didn’t mind my perusing too much as he was doing his share of gawking and drooling over the cars at the cruise-in. All of this mixed with beautiful weather and good music in the background made for the perfect Saturday. If you’re a local, check out some of the links and vendors, and come out next year for the cook-off. I may even decide to enter my own little recipe!

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